Lots of people say they practice Law of Attraction. but complain about how their life is. The reality is, Law of Attraction is always working. To see what you believe in, what you are attracting and what you allow into your life, take a look around.
What do you see? Is it abundant, healthy, joyful, connected and fulfilling? Or is it lack, feeling terrible, unhappy, disconnected and non-fulfilling?
The fact is, 99% of people are missing one key element to creating the life they want. Clarity. One person who has a ton of clarity is the person I talk about in this video. Check it out.

One person who is attracting amazing things to himself and in his life is John Lee Dumas. In less than two years he has gone from struggling in his business to having a multiple seven figure business. And he is the kind of person who blesses others, is very healthy, has a great relationship and loves life.
Not long ago I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing John. Lots of people asked if they could get the transcripts of this interview?
I decided to make this available as a Kindle eBook. Check it out. Direct link to Kindle page. No opt in required.
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