Ever Wonder How To Redesign the Blueprint of Your Life When Your Work No Longer Serves You?  Stop Wondering and Learn From Those Who Did It!
24 Extraordinary Achievers – Transformational Thought Leaders, Conscious Leadership Experts, Bestselling Authors and Visionary Leaders – pull back the curtain and share how they successfully made their Conscious Reinvention a Reality.  Hear the inspiring back story of these movers and shakers: learn where they came from, how they faced and overcame challenges and be motivated by their thought provoking wisdom. Discover how these people came up with brilliant ideas, and against all odds, succeeded at creating services, products and organizations that are transforming the world.
Uncover the Principles, Process, Tools and Community You’ll Need to Make YOUR Conscious Reinvention a Reality!

  • Sue Frederick – the Master of Career Intuitive Work will share profound, yet simple principles to quickly identify what you came to this life to do to align with your destiny.  The answers will delight you!
  • Robert Rabbin – a groundbreaking speaker, author, leadership adviser, and self-awareness teacher. His résumé of speaking engagements includes State of the World Forum, Institute of Noetic Sciences, JFK University School of Management (to name just a few!) will teach us how to live an authentic life in ten words.
  • Kellie Olver – a former TV host shares her 1.6 Million Dollar  Transformation on her path to find the true meaning of self worth and how you can leverage the wisdom gained from her experiences for your reinvention.
  • Richard Whiteley – A Harvard Business School educated management consultant who moonlights as an urban shaman will reveal how to move into transformational and conscious leadership.
  • Christine Kloser– well recognized leader expert in “Conscious Entrepreneurship”, a three-time award winning author, host of the Transformational Author Experience, creator of the Get Your Book Done program will show you how to master the four levels of transformation to share your message with the world.
  • Tom Schulte – recognized as an emerging leadership thought leader, Executive Director of the Linked 2 Leadership Group (17,500 members), publisher of one of the most popular management & leadership blogs called Linked 2 Leadership, and publisher of the LeaderBrief Leadership Newsletter will share you how recalibrate your leadership effectiveness by tapping into what’s really important to you. .
  • Paula Langguth Ryan – A contemporary Prosperity Advisor who has worked with heiresses to newly bankrupt consumers, with Olympic athletes to corporate executives and spiritual leaders – will reveal how to release financial fears that block personal & professional peace.
  • And so much more!

This truly unique global series will inspire and empower you to think bigger, strategize better and make the contribution you’re here to make personally, professionally and globally.
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