In the years I’ve been working with authors (and wanna be authors) there are some primary reasons they won’t reach their greatest potential and impact as many readers as they possibly can.
1.  They never finish the book.
2.  They don’t do all that’s possible to learn how to market.
3.  They get information from the wrong place.
4.  They are not sure who the real experts are.
When I first became an author I had the same challenges. I won’t even tell you how long I thought about writing a book before I finally did, but suffice it to say it was a LONG time.
Then there was knowing where to obtain the right information from the right experts. I asked myself, “How do I know if what I am learning is true? What do I do to market my books and make money? Who’s the real deal?”
There were times I would get so frustrated feeling like there was some “secret club” of experts who guarded the information as if it was gold at Fort Knox.
Since writing my first book well over a decade ago information is much easier to obtain, but there’s still the issue of who the real experts are. Those who have “been there, done that” and know what they are talking about?

Today I don’t have to wonder. Because I’ve been in the industry for well over a decade most of my friends are published authors and many are experts who freely share their knowledge to help authors who want to sell boatloads of books.

They are people like Jill Lublin, Lynne Klippel, Connie Ragen Green, Brian Judd, Denise Wakeman, Felicia Slattery, Carolyn Howard-Johnson, Penny Sansevieri, Dana Lynn Smith and more.

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