What if
you could spend face to face time learning how to build your business from some
of the most highly respected Internet Marketers in the world? What if you were
in a Jimmy-d-brown75 complete learning environment where it wasn’t a poor excuse for these
experts to pitch you? What if you could network with other professionals who
are serious about building their business, but love to have a great time while
doing it? Well you can.

the end of January, myself and over a dozen other top-notch experts including
Willie Crawford, Jimmy
D. Brown, Lynn Terry, David Preston, Jeff Herring, Kevin Riley, Denise Wakeman
Nichole Dean and more
converge in one place where you can learn some of the best information on
blogging, social networking and social marketing, building a sustainable
business, finding the perfect business, building membership sites that bring in
six figures, developing money making products and a whole lot more.

One of the
most important things you can do for your business is attend live events. Anyone
who understands the power of learning in a very supportive environment will
tell you, NAMS3 is one of the most important events you can attend.

other live events that are nothing more than a giant pitch-fest, NAMS3 is a 3
day workshop with no pitching and the perfect environment to learn real,
actionable and immediately useable content.

You can
choose from three levels of learning; beginner, intermediate and advanced.

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register, use this code (100NAMS3) to save $100. Right now you can reserve your
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use this code (100NAMS3) when registering to save $100. I will be presenting
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learn how to build a six figure a year business.

All of the
experts have successful businesses and we want to share with you how we did
this. This is the real deal, from real experts. We do what we say, we don’t
just talk about it. Willie-cropped-75

NAMS3 in Atlanta,
Georgia from January 29th  to
February 1st. Click here to learn more and register.