Ashley James has committed her life to raising awareness about health and healing. In her teens and early twenties, she relied on western medical doctors for her health issues but felt worse as a result.  The doctors were great at handing acute issues, like infection and pain, yet, her health continued to deteriorate.



She was living with Polycystic ovary syndrome and later, TYPE II diabetes and chronic adrenal fatigue. Hungry most of the time, she had brain fog so bad she could hardly talk in the morning, often feeling hungover and sick even though she did not drink alcohol.

The challenge for Ashley was that the doctors were overlooking the root cause of the matter, preferring to treat the symptoms with drugs.

Feeling the doctors were like feckless firefighters treating the smoke and not addressing the burning fire, Ashley knew her health would continue to deteriorate is she did not taken things into her own hands.

A prisoner in her own body, Ashley began her search for a vibrant life. Her desire for health became an obsession.

After marrying in 2008, she and her husband learned a new level of frustration and disappointment when they could not have children due to her infertility.

One evening, while propped up on the couch in pain, Ashley and her husband happened upon the movie Forks Over Knives. This was the answer to her prayers and the start of her journey to complete healing.

It was the first big step in the right direction.


Our Conversation Goes in Many Directions


Ashley and I covered a lot of ground in our time together. Areas of discussion were the causes of complications with COVID-19, the rise in obesity and diseases such as heart disease, strokes, Type II diabetes, caused by what people eat (or don’t eat).

Over the years, Ashley has tried over 40 diets. Many worked for a time, but always she would gain the weight back… and some. Her search continued.

In hindsight she knows she could have ended her suffering sooner, had she discovered plant-based eating, but was given so much misinformation about what healthy eating is.


The Podcast Show Is Born


In 2016, Ashley released her first episode of Learn True Health Podcast show. The premise of the show is to bring holistic health experts to her listeners. Over 450 experts have been featured on Learn True Health Podcast in the last four years.

When she began the show, she ate relatively healthy, but was not 100% whole food, plant based. Actually, when she started the show she had never even heard of a plant-based diet.

Her decision to jump into the plant-based lifestyle was based on the number of guests that were proponents of a plant-based diet. What was most surprising were the doctors who did not identify as plant-based doctors, yet they were advocates of this way of eating.

Ashley has interviewed many of the biggest influencers in the plant-based movement as well as experts from other modalities of healing. With over 1,035 great reviews, Ashley is definitely on track with her vision.


The Frequency of Food


One of her most memorable featured experts is Robyn Openshaw, The GreenSmoothieGirl®. Interviewing Robyn is when Ashley discovered the frequency measurements of food. According to Openshaw, “Depending on what we eat can determine our frequency levels.”

According to frequency measurements, healthy humans measure at 62-72 MHz.

When it drops to lower levels it enables the appearance of variety of diseases. For example, at the level of 58 Hz, diseases like cold and flu were more likely to appear. Food can either enhance one’s frequency or minimize it. For example

Chicken, beef and pork = 2 MHz

Leafy greens = 70 MHz

Rose Essential Oil = Over 200 MHz

It was as a result of the interview with Robyn, Ashley realized she could dramatically shift her energy by eating more greens and other plant-based foods. The interview was also a turning point for Ashley’s husband going plant-based.


Plant Based is More than One Way of Eating


A common mistake people make about plant-based eating is believing it is limited. There is a lot of variety with a plant-based protocol.

The main appeal to plant-based eating is that it is as close to nature as possible.

Ashley has helped countless individuals with health issues such as obesity, arthritis, high blood pressure and other concerns.  Her recommendations are:

  1. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store (fresh fruits, veggies, meat) and avoid the inner aisles (mostly processed crap).
  2. Eat Organic and non-GMO (the new chemicals they spray on crops are now being linked to many diseases of toxicity).
  3. Vote with your fork because as a cohort consumers can sway companies to make big changes that will better the health of our bodies and our planet (Buy what you want to see more of and don’t buy what you want to see less of in this world).

Ashley’s Life Today

Now a mother of a healthy son, married to the love of her life, healthier than she has ever been, Ashley attributes her abundant lifestyle to the health and food choices she continues to make. The foundation of all she does is based on a plant-based lifestyle.


Recommended books and documentaries

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•Forks Over Knives