I did it! Yesterday, I completed my first sprint triathlon. What an experience it was. As I reflect on the experience, I’m beyond happy that I did it.

I have to say… I’m feeling really good waking up knowing I accomplished a “push myself” goal. Very little muscle pain from yesterday. And… I’m already planning for next year.

A few people asked what the hardest part was. Without a doubt, the swimming. The bike ride was glorious due to the amazing countryside and the run gave me time to reflect on the experience.

It felt like a lifetime of experiences in the time I was out on the course.

Would I do this again? Actually, yes. One of my running buddies and I are already having conversations about getting a group of women together to train for next year. Whooop whooop.

On the last leg, the thought came to me about Lessons Learned from My First Triathlon.

-Train.. and train hard… and then train some more

-Surround yourself with a support system

-Put one foot in front of the other and you will reach the finish

-When you feel like quitting, dig deep. You always have more.

-Pace yourself. When you need to slow down, it’s okay. When you get your wind back, speed up.

-Be sure to have the right equipment

-Know it will hurt and pain is part of the process

-Set small goals leading up to the big goal

-Enjoy the process and be very present in the moment

-There will be times you won’t look pretty

-Know that if others did it, you can too.

-Know that you will be an inspiration to others who wonder if they can do it

-Push yourself beyond your comfort level to know what you are made of

-Be fully accountable to what you say you want in life.

Most of all, know that once you cross the finish line, you did it. No one can take this away from you. You accomplished a goal that at one point was not even a consideration.

Life is about the experiences we create. What experiences are you creating that push you beyond your current level of comfort? What can you do to reach higher? Push harder? Dig deeper? And most of all, know what you are made of?

30 Day Challenge

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Soon I will be starting the 30 Day Turnaround Challenge. Everyone is welcome AND there is absolutely no charge for this. I’m passionate about setting goals and would love to have you join in for this fun experience.

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Go for it!!!! Now’s the time to reach your highest potential and it can all begin with the 30 Day Turnaround Challenge.