In the last few days I’ve had conversations with at least half a dozen colleagues who hit the wall. Each is incredibly successful in their chosen endeavors, but right now things are mounting up to what can seem insurmountable challenges.
Have you ever felt like this? You’re doing all you know you should be doing but things aren’t turning out the way you planned.
Or, you get some really challenging news and you think, “Shoot, I’ve been doing everything I can with integrity and now this happens.”
Although most of us have heard, “Everything happens for a reason,” when we are in the middle of crap it’s not always easy to remember this.
Lately, I’ve talked to a lot of people who are going through very challenging times. They are being pushed to the max with their patience, time, finances and trust.
When someone’s in the middle of their own pile of poo-poo that’s not the time they want to hear, “Just stay positive, it will all work out.”
It may be that all they need to hear is, “I’m so sorry you’re going through this. If you need to talk, I’m here.”
Then there comes the time when they do need to hear something different. They may need to hear, “Buck up and move on.”
I had that kind of day recently. Nothing outwardly was wrong, but I decided to throw a pity party and anyone within earshot was invited.
Fortunately, I have someone in my life who knows when to say, “I’m really sorry you’re going through this,” at the right time and “Buck up and get over it at other times.”
While I was wallowing in that place we rarely like to go, I was given some great advice.
Here’s what I was told I should do.

  • Get outside to get fresh air.
  • Do some exercise to get rid of the stinking thinking.
  • Pray and ask for guidance.
  • Meditate and get centered.
  • Acknowledge what I have to be grateful for.

After a bit of resistance, I decided to try the exercise first. I got on my bicycle and peddled for miles all the while praying for guidance. Whew! That got me on the right track.

  • Upon returning home I put on a nice meditation CD. Exactly what I needed.
  • Then I talked to a trusted friend.
  • Then I thought about all I have to be grateful for. This really did the trick.

You see, years ago, I didn’t realize the power of gratitude. I was always focused on what was wrong rather than what is right.
My focus was so strong that I literally ended up without a job, a home, and enough money to buy a cup of coffee. Yes, I ended up on the streets. I was definitely not a very together person back then.
In my mind, I had plenty of evidence of how messed up life was.
What I didn’t know at that time was what we focus on we tend to get more of. Much of why my life was so messed up was my own doing. But you sure wouldn’t hear me admitting that in my twenties.
Today, I rarely get into the space of things being wrong not matter what is going on. And when I do I have the tools to change it around. This doesn’t mean that everything is going to be a bed of roses or a walk in the park.
What it does mean is I am able to get through these situations with grace and appreciation.
I think somethings in the air right now because lots of people are feeling very challenged.
To some I can truly say, “I am so sorry you are going through this,” and mean it.
To others I can truly say, “Buck up and move on,” and mean it.
What I also know is that by taking time to step back to take the time to move, pray, meditate and acknowledge what we are grateful for, we tend to get more of what we are grateful for.
What do you do when life throws you a curve ball? Comments and insights welcome.