Life is about pushing limits. At least for some of us. In my world, if you’re not pushing limits you’re not seeing what you’re really made of. If you’re not seeing what you’re made of how will you know what you’re capable of?
When I push the limits I tend to feel incredibly alive. Something that helps me in my own “limit pushing” is to set intentions on the outcomes I seek.
Seems there’s a trend underfoot about pushing limits. I’m writing this article while watching Super Bowl XLIX. Not only will the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots players be pushing their own limits, many of the commercials have “push the limit” themes.
People are hungry to push limits. It makes us end the status quo in our lives. No more settling for.
I love pushing limits in business and in my personal life. Something that helps me to stay the course with what I want to achieve is to set goals. Clear, specific, timed, lofty goals.

Recently, I set a goal that will test me both personally and professionally. It’s not that I’m necessarily going to make money directly from achieving the outcome I seek, but by committing to completing the Eugene Marathon in May, 2015 for my 61st birthday it forces me to stretch myself in ways I don’t yet fully comprehend.

After all, completing a 26.2 mile trek is not something I’ve done before, but with proper preparation there’s a great chance I will achieve the outcome I seek. An outcome that will make me feel more alive than I can imagine.
To assure my success there are a few things I’m consciously doing:

  1. Giving myself enough time to train in order to avoid unnecessary injury.
  2. Hiring a coach to guide me the right way.
  3. Pacing myself in my training so as to build my strength and stamina.
  4. Focusing on all the aspects I need to learn to get the best results.
  5. Investing in the right gear to assure greater success.
  6. Developing strategies I will implement when I hit the wall and may feel like throwing in the towel.

Although the six items listed are about the marathon, they also apply to business. To achieve our best in business we have to:

  1. Train and give ourselves enough time to train properly.
  2. Hire mentors and coaches who will show us how to achieve what we desire faster, with wiser investments and in less time than if we try to figure it out alone.
  3. Pace ourselves so as not to overwhelm and burnout.
  4. Keep a balance in what we do so as to not neglect important aspects of our business.
  5. Be willing to invest in equipment, training, support team members, software and other needed resources to effectively run our businesses.
  6. Work on our mindset so when things seem overwhelming we realize “this too shall pass” if we are willing to go the distance.

What are you doing to push your own limits? What would make you incredibly proud to achieve? Are you willing to make this the best year of your life by pushing your limits?
Only you know for sure.