Many people are missing the boat when it comes to building a subscriber list.
It’s not about becoming the next online guru. It’s about reaching a market of people who are truly hungry for (and in need of) your information.
The fact is, the Internet Marketing space is incredibly crowded. Probably more so than virtually any other. And it’s not for everyone.
When I teach list building it’s to provide tools to consciously aware men and women around the globe to reach THEIR markets.
This could be health and nutrition, spiritual, child rearing, relationships, and sales to name just a few.
I’m incredibly passionate about helping those who have a message that will improve the quality of their customers’ and clients’ personal and professional lives.
I’ve watched far too many people struggle in their businesses because they haven’t laid a solid foundation that includes building a targeted list.
What a pity they are not getting their message out in a HUGE way.
Those who have followed me for any length of time likely know I run my business based on spiritual principles. I KNOW my business is Spirit in expression.
I also know that virtually any business can be Spirit in expression. Yet, many people think the two are separate. I don’t believe they are.
When I decided to teach people more about list building with my 3 part video series I did so because list building is a skill all types of businesses need.
Over the last 2 1/2 years my life literally turned upside down due to personal challenges. I broke my ankle, both my mother and father passed on, nearly lost one of our horses to stomach problems, our goat died, and our Boxer dog had surgery  for cancer.
Yet, my business never suffered. It kept growing.
I also continued to donate to organizations I believe in, shared tons of time with my family, took a lot of time off and daily thanked my lucky stars this was possible.
There’s no doubt whatsoever having a responsive list was a primary reason.
I also invested over $20,000 in 2011 for my professional development. I hired incredible mentors and invested in fabulous information products. This is yet another reason my business grew during very challenging times.
If you’ve been struggling to build a list, if you have an incredibly important message to put out to your market, if you’re ready to impact more people with your products and services, I encourage you to check out Six Figure List Building Web Summit.
I personally handpicked over a dozen colleagues, who mentor men and women around the globe, to share their best practices in a step-by-step video format. The information they teach is revolutionary. There are things you will learn that will give you lots of “light bulb” moments and shift your perception on list building forever.
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You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
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