How to Select the Right Live Events….and Spot the Ones to Avoid Like the Measles
from Lynne Klippel
As Authors and Entrepreneurs, you’ll have many opportunities and invitations to live workshops, seminars, and conferences. Done right, attending live events can create an upsurge in your business and renewed passion for your work. Unfortunately, some live events can create the opposite effect, costing you too much money, energy, and time.
When I first started my business in 2002, I was hungry to learn everything I could. Live seminars seemed like a golden opportunity to learn and to expand my network so I attended many of them. I learned a lot of valuable information and created some wonderful relationships. I also was seduced into spending money I did not have on things I did not need from people with vastly different values than I have. It got so bad that I decided to not attend any events for 12 months to detox.
Thankfully, as time went on I became more discerning about the type of events I attended. I learned some key strategies which helped me make attending a live event fun and profitable. Now, it’s time to share those strategies with you.
The next time you consider attending a live event, ask yourself these questions so that you can make a great decision:

  1. What will the event cost? Total up the event fee, airfare, hotel, transportation and food costs. Then factor in how many days you will be away from the office.
  2. Can I create additional income to cover these costs and make a profit from the material I will learn at the event or the people I will meet?
  3. Do the presenters have a proven track record of success? Do a google search with the name of the presenter and the word scam to see if others are complaining online about unethical business practices or poor customer service. Most seminar presenters are trustworthy and credible but there are a few bad apples around. Just a bit of online research will help you trust your presenter.
  4. Who will be in the room with me? For a while I was attending some hard core, masculine seminars where I did not fit in at all. I was too spiritual, too feminine, and not aggressive enough to relate to all the testosterone driven folks in the room. While the content was helpful, I felt uncomfortable and did not expand my network. Make sure you will feel welcome and comfortable in the events you select.
  5. What will my goals be for the event? Sometimes I attend event to learn the content being presented, sometimes to connect with present and future clients, and sometimes to observe the skills of the presenters. Create a clear goal for each event you attend.
  6. Am I attending this event because I need a vacation? Let’s be honest, it is fun and seductive to hang out in a hotel room! It’s a great escape. However, if you are attending an event when you are depleted and in need of a rest, you will have a hard time reaching your business goals. If you need a rest, admit it and take care of yourself in another way. Events are business and require you to be on top of your game. Here’s a hint: if you just want the hotel pampering, check into a hotel locally and rest. You’ll still feel great but won’t have wasted time and money on airfare.
  7. Can I commit to being fully present and attending all the sessions of this event? I’ve seen people run themselves ragged at events trying to juggle work and attend the event. This does not work. If you invest in an event, invest fully and clear your calendar so that you can get the best from your investment.
  8. Do I have the right attire? This may sound silly but I have over-dressed for some events and felt a bit out of place. You don’t need a business suit but you don’t want to wear sloppy sweats either. The best event attire is business casual for week day events with nice jeans on the final day if you like. Dress in layers as seminar rooms are often chilly. Wear something you love and feel confident in. If you have a jacket with pockets, wear it so you can easily access your business cards.
  9. Do I have the right materials? It is imperative that you bring current business cards to a live event. If you don’t have any, get some free ones made up at
  10. What’s my budget for investing at this event? Many events are specifically engineered to get you to part with tons of money. Set a budget before you go so that you can purchase items if you wish but not overspend. If you are tempted to make emotional purchases, make an agreement with your spouse or a good friend to call them to discuss the purchase before you decide. Talking with someone outside the event can help you clarify if you are purchasing something that will be extremely helpful or if you are buying impulsively.

Attending live events is a joy! Events can fill you up, empower you, and educate you so that you can leap ahead in your business. When you answer these 10 questions and evaluate each event opportunity carefully, you’ll find event attendance a key tool in your personal and professional development.
About the Author
Lynne Klippel
is the president  of Love Your Life Publishing.The author of 7 books, Lynne has experienced the disappointment of writing a book that did not sell well and the joy of achieving best-seller status twice. As a ghost writer, she’s able to step into the shoes of her clients and write in their voice, even when they are very different from her every day persona. A trained and certified coach, Lynne brings deep listening, encouragement, and results to her work with authors.
Since 2003, Lynne’s published books, information products, audio programs, and home study courses for satisfied clients all over the world. With her values of honesty, integrity, and empowerment, Lynne prides herself in encouraging and inspiring authors to share their unique wisdom and bless the world.
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