Kate Kunkel has enjoyed several careers including as a writer, a harpist, and a TV talk show host. But her most important job, which turned into her life’s work, developed as she witnessed the devastation that dementia wrought on her mother, and it has become Kate’s mission in life to do whatever she can to prevent anyone else suffering as her mother did.

Her research has inspired her to become a passionate advocate for taking control of one’s own health with better lifestyle choices, and a huge part of that, of course, is with an organic, whole food, vegan diet.

Kate believes that Losing your Mind is a Choice, and that it is never too early, and never too late, to take control of your health and protect your future.

As a long-time vegan, Kate Kunkel is more committed than ever to raise awareness about the health benefits of a plant-based lifestyle.

Starting her journey in the eighties, with a few detours along the way, Kate vowed to do all she could to raise awareness about brain care after her mom died.

Her first introduction into the world of veganism was when she owned a hair salon in Palm Desert, California.

As the first salon to have a “no animal testing” and no chemicals for products policy, they used a brand of products they were able to purchase by the gallon. Using the product was based on Kate’s desire to do what she could to look after the planet.

It was during this period she received a brochure from PETA about what is referred to as a “downer” cow.

A downer is an animal, usually livestock, that cannot stand on its own and therefore is to be killed. A downed animal, one that is unable to stand, is not necessarily a downer.

Seeing this made her heart break “a million times over” and this resulted her in becoming vegan overnight.

Due to a lack of education about balanced vegan eating, Kate got seriously ill from an unbalanced diet. 30 years ago, there were not websites, meal plans, recipes, coaches or a fraction of the information available that there is today.

Since re-committing 100% to a plant based/vegan diet, Kate has released 40 pounds and at 62 years of age feels better than she did in her thirties.


The Spiritual Side of a Plant Based Diet


Having made the unwavering vow to raise awareness due to her mother’s death, Kate feels there is a direct connection between brain health and whether or not someone consumes meat. Additionally, she feels there is a spiritual component to what she does.

“I’m on a mission to get people healthy so that nobody else ever has to go through what my mother went through.  Alzheimer should be a rare disease, but it’s not. And I honestly believe that a big part of the disease is from eating animal products. Animal products cause inflammation. Meat is full of chemicals and antibiotics and every other bloody thing you can imagine.”

“When we consume meat, we’re killing something. And even if that something is treated well until its throat is cut, its throat is still cut and it still feels fear and it emits hormones and chemicals that end up in the meat that you eat.”

Kate discusses in detail the connection between the chemicals and fear hormones in animals and how that impacts our mind, body and spirit. When you eat something that has gone through trauma and fear, you’re going to have trauma and fear and the trauma and fear are going to affect your heart, your brain and your mind.

The energy is so palatable, many people, once they become aware of the connection between pain, trauma and fear by consuming animal and dairy products, often have a visceral response when they walk by the meat department in the grocery store.

“I cannot walk by the meat department. I can’t do it at all,” Kate says in no uncertain terms.


How to Start a Plant Based Diet

  • Determine your goals.
  • Research the lifestyle.
  • Determine how you will handle various situations such as going out to dinner with friends.
  • Shop ahead of time.
  • Eat organic whenever possible.
  • Check your kitchen for foods that are not aligned with a plant-based diet.
  • Be willing to experiment with spices like turmeric, pepper, ginger, garlic, and curry.
  • Add B12 and vegan omega-3 to your diet.
  • Get your children involved in the process.


Improving Brain Health


In addition to eating a plant-based diet, Kate says the number one way to improve brain health is with exercise. It’s absolutely essential to get in at least 30 minutes a day. Get your heart pumping.

Leg strength-training is also a must-do for brain health. There is a connection between the strength of your large muscles in your legs and your brain health.

Notice what’s around you. The toxins in cleaners, air fresheners, soap and make-up.  Kate is a proponent of baking soda and vinegar for cleaning.

Turn off your computer at least three hours before you go to sleep. The blue lights play havoc on our brains.

Get outside to absorb natural vitamin D.


Final Thoughts


Kate encourages people to seriously consider giving up animal-based products. One way to do so is think of all the world’s animals like you do your own pets. “Could you actually stand to think of any of your pets being slaughtered and have their throat slit?”

Once you determine this, the decision to not consume meat and dairy becomes a non-issue.

“Our hearts are connected to these creatures. Our souls are connected to them.”To learn more about Kate’s programs, products and services, visit www.katekunkel.com Her blog is dedicated to how to eat, exercise and sleep patterns.

Whether your interests are healthy recipes, brain health, health coaching, healing with music (Kate is an accomplished harpist) or retreats she hosts in her retreat center in Ecuador, visit Kate’s website to learn more.

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