One of the most empowering ways to increase your influence, visibility and market reach is with a book. Yet, the majority of people who want to write a book never get it out of their head onto paper or the computer screen.

Book writing mentor, Madeleine Eno, addresses this very issue with her clients. She loves working with experts who “have a book inside” but never take the first step to write.

Starting with a Book Mapping process to find their Golden Thread, Madeleine explains the simplest process to go from wanna be author to accomplished writer.

Madeleine Eno helps clients remember what they are truly designed to express, map it out so that the process is sustainable, and create beautiful and unforgettable books. She is a long-time writer, editor, ghostwriter and creator of the Find Your Golden Thread and Book Mapping programs.

Madeleine is one of the featured experts for the Vegan Visibility Virtual Summit. 11 experts (all who are vegan) pull back the curtain to show any vegan entrepreneur, coach, consultant, speaker, author or executive how to gain visibility in a number of proven ways.