One of the greatest concerns for those who do sell
online is how to make sales stick and minimize refunds.

Selling someone a product or service is one
thing. Making it stick is something else.

you’ve been doing business online for any length of time, you know that making
your sales stick and minimizing refunds is essential to your success and your
profit margin.

experts have very few refund requests, while others have a high number.

ago I heard a very, very well known expert say, “If you’re not getting a lot of
refunds, you’re not selling hard enough.”

To say I
was disappointed with this advice is an understatement. Being pushy, aggressive
and not caring how many refunds you get is what has given sales a bad name. You
will not find that type of advice from me. I believe in selling with influence
and integrity.

So how
do you make sales stick? A great way to increase sales and have them stick is
to add a guarantees. Offering a guarantee minimizes the risk in the consumer’s
mind. It lets them know you believe in your product and/or service and it makes
their decision process considerably easier.

people are very hesitant to offer guarantees for a number of reasons. They are
concerned they will get too many refund requests; they aren’t sure what type of
guarantee to offer; they think people will take advantage of them and they are
not sure what type of guarantee to offer.

If you
are getting a lot of refund requests, chances are you are doing the one or more
of the following:

to a market that is not a good fit for your product or service

product or service is of very poor quality, thus the high refund requests

have overpriced your product or service.

To minimize refund requests make sure you aren’t
doing one or more of the previous points AND offer a solid guarantees. Guarantees
encourage people to buy, even if they never use the guarantee.
In reality, most
people rarely take advantage of guarantees, so you really have nothing to fear
if your information products and your services are of high quality.

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