Making a living from the Internet is the dream of countless individuals. Yet, for many, the process is overwhelming at best. The fact
is, building an online business is a process. Don’t expect to go from zero to
sixty in one day.

With much of the hype we read daily, one would be led
to believe there is no effort or work involved in building your business by way
of the Internet. This is a major misconception.

Another misconception is that the only people making
money online are those who teach online marketing. Nothing could be further
from the truth.

The fact is there are people in virtually every
industry who are making a very, very comfortable living from the Internet.
Artist, writers, coaches, eBay shop owners, dog trainers, nutritionists…the
list goes on and on.

The reason you don’t hear about these entrepreneurs is
they are working day in and day out on their business, not tooting their horn
about it and telling you how you can build your business. You can leave that
role to those of us who teach people how to use the Internet to effectively
build a business.

There are several areas one must focus on to have a
successful Internet-based business. You have to know who your market is and is
not. You must know your limits including budget, time and resources. You have
to know who you want to do business with and who wants to do business with you.
You need to know what sets you apart from your competition. You absolutely must
know and understand your unique selling proposition.

You also have to know what motivates your market to
take action. In most cases it boils down to four primary areas. They want to
increase revenues, increase productivity, decrease costs or increase the
quality of their personal or professional life.

The more you can pinpoint specifically what they want
the easier your job in development and delivery of products and services

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