Right now I am 35,000 feet in the air flying from Atlanta to Salt Lake City. From there I catch a plane to my home in Eugene. The most amazing part of all is I can blog while up in the air thanks to WIFI and I am making money too.
That’s right. In the 20 plus minutes I have been on the plane I have made about $75. That’s in 20 minutes. By the time I get home I will likely have made several hundred, maybe more.
Lots of people are also making money while they are away from their office. How? By having the right products and services available and having their systems in place.
The reason I am up in the air is I have been at the NAMS2 Conference in Atlanta for the last few days. NAMS is Niche Affiliate Marketing Systems. For 3 solid days experts from around the globe shared our insights and strategies for how we have built successful businesses using the Internet.
A common thread throughout the sessions was “sustainable business.” Each of us has portions of our business that are sustainable. Some of us more than others.
What sustainable means is “the ability to generate revenue whether or not you are working or in your office and the ability for your business to run itself (to a degree).”
One way to do this is with information products. Information products are essential to many businesses reaching a high level of success.
Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs flounder in their business because they either don’t have information products, they are selling the wrong products to their market or they have not even figured out who their niche market is.
If any of this sounds familiar I would invite you to check out my report and teleseminar about information products. The report is filled with great details of what you can do to get your revenues flowing with info products. The live teleseminar (it’s a bonus when you get the report) goes into greater detail. I will even have a Q&A period.
I will also be introducing my next mentoring course called, Make Six Figures a Year through Product Development”. Anyone who gets the report will be privy to a great opportunity for this course that those who don’t get the report won’t. Simple as that.
Something else that was a common thread at the conference is how important it is to get to the point, take responsibility for ones own success and not expect anyone to rescue you in your business.
As my friend and colleague Lynn Terry said, “Our responsibility this weekend was to give the best infrormation to the participants as we could. Now the rest is up to you.”
To access the report and get a seat into the teleseminar go to http://www.streetsmartsmarketing.com/ReportProductDevelopment.htm
In success, health and abundance,