One of the greatest misconceptions about making money online is this; the only people making money online are those selling information on how to make money.
Nothing could be further from the truth. Truth be told, there is money being made in virtually every industry. The only reason you don’t hear about how MUCH is being made is because there is no reason for someone not teaching people how to make money to be sharing how much they are making.
Revenues are being generated in virtually every industry; dog care, health and nutrition, relationships, divorce, childcare, gardening, photograph, stamp collecting, and car care are a few that come to mind.
However, to generate revenue online there are a few things you must have in place.
1. A functional and inviting website. Presentation is everything. Your website is the first point of entry for most consumers. Is it presentable? Is it easy to navigate? Do you give people a reason to spend time on your site?
One of the best things you can do is provide high value information to your visitors.
2. Do you have something to sell? Duh! This seems like a no-brainer, but I have actually talked to people who complain about not making money online and when I visit their site they have nothing to sell. Really?!?!?!
Okay, maybe you don’t want to sell right out of the gate, but is there a convenient way for people to get on your subscriber list?
3. Make the buying process easy. If you are selling on your site make the process simple and easy. Don’t make people search for what they want and/or need.
4. Social proof is an incredible tool for generating revenues. Testimonials and reviews work great for selling.
Here’s a great example of why the four recommendations above are so important.
A few days ago I purchased a new vehicle. I’ve had my heart set on this make and model for a few years.
My new car is black and beautiful. I call her Black Beauty.
I want to do everything I can to take great care of the vehicle. I tend to be somewhat of a fanatic when it comes to keeping my vehicles clean.
My goal is to not only keep Black Beauty clean but to make sure I preserve the shiny look for years to come.
Because I know how important having the right information is, I searched out the best way to wash a black car. I came across a site that not only had the step by step process outlined with pictures and a full written description, there were comments by visitors to the site, reviews of various products, and ratings by people who have purchased the products. Click here to visit the site.
The site owner made the process for potential clients extremely easy to learn how to wash our automobiles, they also made to process to purchase simple.
They provided a way to get visitors on their subscriber list too. However, it takes more today to get people on your list than simply having “newsletter.” My recommendation for this site would be to offer something of high value in exchange for a name and email address; a 10 point checklist, a short video, discount coupons are only a few of the many enticing items that would likely increase their opt in rate.
Overall, they did a GREAT job. Are you making the process for your visitors one that is memorable to them or just another forgetable site?