As a dedicated environmentalist since early in 1970, Mark Winstein has taken activism to a whole new level with Vegan Launch.

With a commitment to help as many vegan business founders receive funding from aligned investors, Mark launched www.Vegan when he saw the incredible need to match vegan start up founders with investors.

Mark has worked in the field of public venture capital since 2001. Realizing how difficult it had become for people who had money to invest, but didn’t know how to invest, he recognized this as an underserved market.

As a committed vegan, Vegan Launch aligns very nicely with Mark’s personal and professional values and goals.

One of the greatest benefits to Vegan Launch is that investors can connect with companies that are aligned with their values.

Making the World a Better Place

Mark envisions a world where those who are passionate about kindness to animals, the environment, health, and nutrition, by way of vegan businesses, can solve many of the world’s problems with the right information, investors and funding.


Until now, investing in vegan startups has been largely the domain of a few vegan venture capital funds and ultra-high net worth individuals. With recent advances in US and world financial laws and technology, all this is changing, and fast!

The fact is, any vegan and sustainably minded investor can invest $100 or more and take part in this new reality to create exceptional positive vegan impact with strong capital appreciation potential.

Today, vegan and green “retail” investors hold $30 trillion in their public stock portfolios. These forgotten investors can work together in unprecedented new ways to protect the planet, human health, and animal rights at a rate and scale appropriate to the issues that matter most.

Founders Meet Investors

Vegan Launch is a vegan business development and economic development community. Founders seeking investments are usually on their very first round of funding. This is very appealing to those who have money to invest in companies they feel great about.

The more engaged people are in the mission of the companies they invest in, the more they want to invest.

Companies looking for funding range from health and fitness, healthcare, clothing manufacturers, cruelty free cosmetics, clean water solutions, urban farming, food manufacturers, vegan wine and just about everything in between, can find investors through Vegan Launch.

Capitalism for Activists

To get started, Mark recommends people access their FREE training program, Capitalism for Activists

By the time you go through this program, you’ll have a solid grasp of why Vegan Launch is so timely.

“If you if you put a week into it, you’ll be a finance expert and you know whether you have one hundred dollars or 100 million or a billion to invest, you will see in that course ways to leverage your investment.”

With healthcare being an $8 trillion industry, there is a lot of opportunity for a vegan solution to healthcare. It’s the same with supplements. More every day, people are choosing to vote with their dollars.

Virtually any product, industry and niche is moving toward vegan solutions. Mark wants to do all he can to assure companies secure the funding they need in order to thrive.

Once you’re in the community, you’ve got direct pipeline to Mark Winstein to ask any question you want. You can also network with other vegan founders and investors.

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