Not long ago I had dinner with a therapist from New York who wrote a book on behaviors that don’t serve us.
When the subject of marketing his book came up he said he didn’t know how to market and hadn’t sold more than a handful of books. He had invested thousands of dollars to get the book published with little to show for his investment.
“I really thought the publisher would market it for me. But turns out their idea of marketing was sending out a press release and sending one email to a select group on their subscriber list.”
This is an all too common scenario. Many authors either self-publish  thinking the book will somehow gain traction and sell out or goes through a mid-tier publisher believing  the publisher will do all the marketing. The truth is almost every author learns the truth about marketing their book the hard way; by not selling books. The fact is you as an author have to take full responsibility for marketing your books.
By full responsibility it might mean you do the work yourself or you hire someone to do it for you. This too can lead to lots of frustration and very high investments.
Ask most authors what they know about marketing a book and they will likely tell you they have minimal knowledge.
Years ago, after successfully marketing my book, The Law of Achievement,  I realized how little most authors know about marketing. For many it is some mysterious activity only those initiated into the “secret club” of marketers knows how to do.
The fact is, virtually any author can learn how to market their book(s). And… they can do so without spending a fortune on their education or the marketing.
Here are a few simple things you can do to market and sell your books.
1.  Gain visibility in forums where your potential readers congregate. Get involved, share in discussions, network and build trust. If you are authentic about your involvement many people are likely to support your efforts of getting your book into the hands of many readers. If you are simply in a forum to sell, this becomes apparent very quickly and rather than people supporting your efforts they tend to get irritated.
2.  Blog on a regular basis. Gain a readership for your blog by providing high quality content. Again, as with forums, when you are authentic you tend to gain the trust of the readers.
3.  Host teleseminars on topics that are in line with the genre of your book. You can offer complimentary teleseminars that participants must register for. This allows you to build an opt-in subscriber list of potential buyers.
4.  Host a paid teleseminar where the price of admission is a book. You would need to set up a landing page where buyers would send in their receipt number as proof of purchase.
These are only four of dozens of ways to market and sell your books.
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