I’ve often been intrigued by statistics. On occasion there are stats that absolutely boggle my mind.
Take the one I found on Amkindleazon.com about the number of Kindle version books that are published monthly. In the last three months there have been 235,643 ebooks published on Kindle. Holy moly. That’s huge.
Add to that the number of physical books on Amazon.com in the last ninety days (347,128) and you have to wonder how an author gains recognition for their book.kindle2
In a word: promotions.
However, for many authors they liken self promoting to less desirable than a root canal.
I find it amazing that an author would invest so much time in writing their books and then put little, if any, effort into marketing them.
The reality is this; an author has to be willing to take responsibility for getting the word out about their published works. It’s actually a lot easier than many authors realize.
With the advent of social media an author can build a community of avid fans who are eager to buy their books. Add to this online radio, media release directories, video marketing, teleseminars, webinars and Google Hangouts and an author can quickly gain visibility for their works.
My newest book is one that I will definitely be doing a lot of promotions on. The book is an answer to an unfilled need.
With over 8 million U.S. businesses currently majority women-owned equating to an economic impact of $3 trillion that translates into the creation and/or maintenance of 23 million jobs* I  did what no other author has ever done; written the first ever book by a woman, specifically for women, on the topic of online marketing.
Anticipating the need to arm women with the right information to grow their businesses, I knew it was time to write the first-ever book addressing this topic specifically for women. I provide the proven solution for how to quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively establish a strong presence using a plethora of online means.
Power Up for Profits: The Smart Woman’s Guide to Online Marketing is perfect for those new to the Internet as well as seasoned professionals.
Filled with step-by-step instructions, entertaining stories, and the heart-centered business acumen women crave, Power Up for Profits! includes state-of-the-art information on
• blogging and social media
• list building and traffic generation
• joint ventures and affiliate partnerships
• packaging information in products and services
• a marketing strategy specifically for female entrepreneurs
#1The best part of all is within a few days the book hit #1 in Hot New Releases Business & Investing >Women & Business!
This didn’t happen by chance. It happened with very systematized and focused marketing.  I would love to show you exactly how to do the same. With Power Up for Profits you will learn many of the strategies I am using.
For a limited time when you get Power Up for Profits: The Smart Woman’s Guide to Online Marketing you also receive two outstanding gifts from me:
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