I have several four legged critters that trust me to take care of them. Between the three horses, two dogs and two cats there are lots of unspoken rules around our home.
1. The critters get fed each and every day, twice a day.
2. They always have fresh water
3. They have regular grooming schedules
4. Quality vet care is something they receive
5. Each has a safe space for sleeping
6. They are in their forever home
7. Exercise is a must do
Each of the critters are special in their own way. Each receives unconditional love.
Every morning there is a ritual I must go through in order to make sure all start their day off right.
This morning, as I was taking hay out to the horses, followed by filling up their water troughs and scooping their poop it occurred to me that taking care of my critters has a similar flavor to it as marketing in my business.
Regardless of whether I “feel” like it there are certain activities that must be done on a consistent basis. It’s the same with my business. There are specific activities that must be done regardless of whether I feel like it or not.
Marketing is top on the list. Without a focused approach to marketing my business would not be doing as well as it is. Actually, in the last year, business grew by 50%. While other entrepreneurs talked about how bad things were, there were those of us who continued to grow.
Why is this?
Countless times I have had discussions with entrepreneurs who are frustrated with their business growth. Upon closer examination it is apparent that there is little consistency to how they market.
Additionally, they are getting caught up in the bright shiny object syndrome that keeps them occupied with useless activities that produces little, if any results.
Far too many entrepreneurs take a hit and miss approach to their businesses. Rather than having a daily plan for marketing, they occasionally do something to get their message out to their market.
This is not the way to run your business. To succeed you must have a strategic approach to what you are doing.
Elements of what will enhance your marketing efforts include:

  • Building your opt in subscriber list
  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • Guest blogging
  • Interviews
  • Media releases
  • Article marketing
  • Aligned partnerships

Start today to have a plan of action that reaps the kind of results you want and need.
What do you do to consistently market your business? Why not share your best practice with others? After all, if you share yours they may share theirs and this definitely benefits everyone.