Have you ever cringed at the thought marketing? You’re not alone. Many people avoid marketing like the plague and their business success reflects this fact.
The truth is, marketing is just about everything we do. From blogging, article writing, talking to others at a live event, posting on our Facebook wall, tweeting, creating a short video for YouTube and even talking to a neighbor about what we do.
Another truth is it is much simpler than many people realize, but because of various fears around marketing many entrepreneurs don’t reach their fullest business potential.
Marketing is Simple
There are very simple ways to market and of course, very complex ways. One thing that stops people from reaching their marketing potential is the thought that they have to jump into complex strategies that take hours and hours to implement.
It doesn’t have to be this way at all. As a matter of fact, it can take as little as 10 minutes a day to market. You read right; 10 minutes a day.
To get the most out of your marketing here are a few quick tips.

  • Think in terms of adding value. The more you focus on this the more natural your marketing becomes.
  • Be willing to give your information away. This is an area lots of people cringe at. “Give my information away! Why would I give away what I can sell?”It’s simple; we live in a try before you buy world. With all the “stuff” available your job is to build trust, credibility and visibility with your market. Offering something for nothing is a great way to do this. It should go without saying that whatever you give away should be of extremely high value. Unfortunately, some people don’t realize this. Free doesn’t me garbage.
  • Think in the long-term. If you plan to be around for any length of time you absolutely must think in terms of, “How will what I am doing today impact my long-term position? How will what I am doing serve my market in the long-term? When you have this type of thinking you are sure to be highly successful.

Learn From Top Experts
Actually, rather than me sharing only my insights why not learn from other leading experts too?

Here’s a great way to give your business a powerful advantage – and it’s absolutely free, no strings attached.
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Some of the chapters include:
John Jantsch – author of Duct Tape Marketing — reveals how to use his powerful seven-step system to build your “marketing hourglass” and grow your business.
Dan Ariely – author of Predictably Irrational – explains how to establish premium value positioning for your products and services, and what to look out for when making a “free” offer to prospects.
Andrea Lee – CEO of Thought Partners International – shares how becoming a “thought leader” in your market can drastically improve your marketing and build a stronger connection with your customers.
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