I can’t even begin to count the number of authors I’ve spoken with who tell me they will begin marketing their book AFTER the book is published. Actually, this is a HUGE mistake.

The time to begin your marketing is as soon as you decide to write your book. The sooner the better.

Starting book marketing early in the process gives you a much greater result than waiting until after your book is published.

A great way to promote a book is with podcast interviews.

Process for Hosts

Those unfamiliar with the process to release episodes fail to realize there are many moving parts to getting an episode to market.

The host must vet guests, schedule the interview, record the interview, have it edited, get the artwork done, and then release the episode.

Many hosts plan their episodes months in advance.

Let’s assume you have a book release in three months, start immediately to reach out to hosts.

Talk to the host about your book launch. There’s a great chance that they will work with you to release your episode around your launch date if they are aware of when it is happening.

Additionally, make sure you know what their show is about and that you are a match for the show.

It’s amazing how often authors approach a host to get booked on their show without making sure they are a match.

For example, with both my shows, I only interview those who are 100% void of animal and dairy. Not only do my show titles indicate what they are about, the description of each further clarifies the focus.

Yet, I often have people approach me who are not a fit for the platform. My response to those who are not a fit is a hard no.

Determining the Show Focus

It’s not difficult to determine what a show is about. A few ways to do so are:

  • Category a show is in
  • Name of the show
  • Description of the show
  • Reviews of the show

When in doubt, listen/watch a few episodes.

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