Mastermind groups are one of the most powerful business tools available. Yet, many people don’t know how to start a matermind group or how to properly utilize them once they are formed.
One person who does know is Cathy Demers. I have invited Cathy to share insights into the power of mastermind groups and how to achieve larger business goals with them.
The Secret to Achieving Larger Business Goals
The power of a business mastermind group is that each of the members is striving for similar things, with each member achieving larger business goals by supporting each other along the way.

To achieve success in your own business you need to experience continual growth – growth in your business knowledge, growth in your ability to do things and to deal with the many problems that inevitably pop up.
Get out of your comfort zone
That growth comes from moving beyond your comfort zone by setting larger goals than you have in the past and then setting out to achieve those goals.
Imagine that you are faced with an initial meeting with a larger potential client than you usually deal with, one which could take your business to the next level. Now imagine you have a business mastermind group you could meet with before the meeting to go over some of the details, air your doubts, and receive advice and input from other business owners who have been where you are about to go. The support and information you receive from your peers in your mastermind group might mean walking into the big meeting with a wonderful feeling of confidence as opposed to uncertainty and fear.
Avoid overwhelm
Or imagine you’ve just landed that big client and you are overwhelmed with the work ahead and you are feeling the pressure to perform. Your business mastermind group can provide the encouragement and support needed to efficiently and confidently deal with the sudden workload – and even support you to think ahead to the next, even larger, client.
Then there’s the case where you suddenly have the opportunity to present to a large audience to market your business but you’ve never given a presentation to such a large group before. A business mastermind group provides the encouragement and advice you can use to face the challenge head on – and succeed! Your mastermind group would also be available after your presentation, providing the chance to debrief, the support to grow from the experience, and even more great ideas on how to find the next big opportunity.
A business mastermind group is one of the most effective ways for any small business owner to receive the support, advice, information, focus and encouragement to really stretch. A business mastermind group will help you set and achieve those lofty goals that will bring you the business and personal success you crave.
If you have been wondering what a mastermind group can do for you and your business, or how to join one so you can really “go for it” then go to: Form Mastermind Groups
Have you have been a member of a mastermind group in the past? Do you recall how it helped to achieve larger goals?
Cathy Demers is an award-winning entrepreneur who to assists small business owners to unleash their potential, build the businesses of their dreams and have a great time doing it! She is the founder of  Business Mastermind Teams and she hosts the FREE Business Success Cafe – the perfect 20 minute coffee break for busy business owners.