You’ve likely heard that getting booked on podcast shows is a GREAT way to showcase your expertise and reach lots of potential clients.

It’s true. Podcast shows are a great way to be seen and heard.

However, there’s one huge mistake that so many people make, preventing them from achieving optimal results.

What’s the mistake? They are not at all a match for the shows they reach out to.

Like any marketing strategy, the more niched and targeted, the better.

For example, with my two shows the #1 criteria is that the guest MUST BE 100% void of ALL animal and dairy. There’s no exception to this …  AT ALL.

It’s shocking the number of people who try to “slide on in” by being someone “who only eats cheese.” Oh my!

You MUST Be a Match

No matter what type of podcast show you want to appear on, if you’re not a match, you’re not a match.

For as long as I’ve been working with clients, teaching them how to fine-tune their search for shows they are a fit for, my number one recommendation is to be clear about what the show focuses on. In other words, what’s the genre and niche.

If you don’t meet their criteria, no matter how great your message, how fantastic you are at being interviewed, how wonderful you are, you won’t get on the show.

I’m not the only host who feels this way.

Today, I saw a #tweet from Chuck Carroll, host of one of the most popular #vegan #podcast shows in the world. Anyone who listens and/or watches his show knows that his featured experts advocate for a lifestyle void of animal and dairy products. There’s no secret about this at all.

Obviously, some people think they, or their products and services, are so amazing, he will look the other way even though they are NOT a match.

Case in point, he got a request from a company that sells “healthy” beef snack strips.

What????? This is a huge mismatch for his show, branding and life commitment. No matter what the person sending the message says, it’s a hard NO!

Check it out.

Do Your Homework

Knowing what the show is about should be the first thing you focus on before approaching the host.

Getting booked on shows is a GREAT idea but do your homework. It will save you and the host time, energy and frustration.

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