Lately there’s been a lot of buzz about offering
a membership program to your clients. There are lots of benefits to making a
membership program available and yet, there are many obstacles in starting one.

Let’s start with the benefits. The top
three are:

  • Viable solutions
    for your customers at a very affordable price
  • Ongoing and
    sustainable revenues for you
  • Outstanding up
    sell opportunities that are a win/win for you and your members

Benefit #1
to the incredible time constraints most professionals have, people are more
willing than ever to pay for a solution to what keeps them awake at night. However,
to avoid more information overload, many people prefer the information be
spread over a period of time in order to pace themselves.

They want the step by step process that
allows them to implement the information in a way they are more likely to use
it. Whether the solution is how to address elder care issues, train a dog,
build a business, get in great shape, eat healthy, write a book, or just about
anything a membership program offers an affordable solution.

Benefit #2
benefit to you is sustainable ongoing revenues. Virtually any solopreneur and
small business owner is looking for a strategy to generate ongoing revenue and
be profitable.

A membership program offers outstanding
revenue generating opportunity when you know how to set it up properly. The
challenge for many experts is they just don’t know where to begin to develop
the program and deliver quality information month after month to their members.

are several options for a membership program but many are not feasible due to
cost of entry, time constraints and building your membership numbers.
Additionally, many have such complex software requirements that most people
will give up before they ever see what is possible.

There are solutions to this challenge. You
can develop what is called a fixed term membership program that is set up in
such a way that regardless of when someone joins they will get great
information on an ongoing basis. The benefit to this is once you set up a fixed
term membership program it becomes a very turnkey operation.

Benefit #3
great benefit is your opportunity to continually offer other products and
services to members for a “members only” price. This is a win/win situation.
You have a group of people who are more likely to purchase products and
services from you due to their experience with your membership program and you
have multiple streams of revenue.

For years I thought of establishing a
membership program but whenever I researched how to do this I ran into the same
problem as others do; expensive software to set it up and very time consuming
learning curve.

Then I discovered what I mentioned earlier;
fixed term memberships. With the introduction of my first membership program I
secured over $60,000 in revenue for the coming year. I had found a solution
that worked all the way around.

I am able to offer members
incredibly high value information for a very, very low price. For members, they
were able to obtain information in a step-by-step format to help them build a
profitable online business. What could be better.

Something happened due to the success of my
membership program. Lots of people wanted to know how to start one of their own.
In answer to this I decided to offer a group coaching teleseminar on how to get
your own membership program off the ground in a very easy to understand way.

I have 50
spots available for a bonus call to my group coaching teleseminar – Start a
membership program of your own and add thousands in revenues to your cash flow!
Build a sustainable
business with a fixed term membership program
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