“Work smarter, not harder.” Most everyone has heard this, but not many people do it.
When it comes to the world of online marketing one of the best ways to do this is through strategic partnerships aka affiliate partnerships.

Today I am at the NAMS conference – Niche Affiliate Marketing Systems
NAMS is by far one of the best places for every level of experience in the world of affiliate marketing and sales. The brainchild of David Perdew, NAMS is one of the best learning experiences anyone serious about getting on the fast track of the affiliate mindset can go through.
My breakout session today is on How To Build a Six Figure a Year Sustainable Business with Continuity Programs. As in virtually any aspect of information marketing, finding the right affiliates to promote your continuity programs is a very smart thing to do.
The short video above will explain more.
What is your experience with positive affiliate partnerships? Comments welcome.
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