Starting a membership program is one thing. Enrolling members is something completely different.
To fill your member funnel fast you can use any number of strategies; offer incentives, give a limited time offer and offer discounts.
A very powerful way to get members fast is to offer a trial period for an incredibly low investment. A $1 trial period is very popular. It makes the decision to join very easy.

The upside to this strategy is you do get members fast. The downside is retention can be very low unless your content is stellar and you communicate clearly how long the trial period lasts.
It usually goes like this; join for 7 days, 2 weeks, 1 month for X amount. When the trial period is near completion the member’s credit card will be charged the full amount.
In order to avoid any confusion or frustration on the part of the new member you absolutely must let them know when their card is going to be charged the full amount. This avoids any frustration on their part if they did not fully read the specifics about charges when they joined.
Another strategy is a completely free membership. This allows you to showcase your expertise while providing great information to members.
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