The following post is from Sue Henry. I am humbled by what she wrote.
What to Look For In A Mentor… And Why Kathleen Gage is Mine!
In August of 2008 I realized that social media wasn’t going away – yes, I tried “visualizing it obsolete but it wasn’t cooperating! I am a speaker and I needed to figure out to grow my speaking business or I’d  need to stay home and learn how to milk cows on our organic dairy farm.  It took me about 2 seconds to choose learning social media!
I had signed up for something and was on Kathleen’s mailing list.  She and Denise Wakeman were offering a course, “Act and Attract”. I bought it. Then I found “Making Money With the Internet”. I bought it. Then I came across “Making Money With Teleseminars”. I bought it.
Between August and the end of December, 2008, I went through these programs with a fine-tuned comb. I applied what I learned – or at least what I thought she was saying! When I followed her methods, I made money. When I wandered off on the “scenic route”, I didn’t. It was that simple. Now keep in mind, I did all this on DIAL-UP and was still successful!
I’d like to share 5 reasons why Kathleen Gage continues to be my mentor. Use this checklist to rate and compare potential mentors you are thinking of hiring. It will save you lots of time and money!

  1. Relevancy of information: The programs I ordered in 2008 are still relevant and applicable today. When I have questions or want to try something new, I go back to my manuals and look up the information. Why build a new road when I can drive on one already built?  I have been a member of the VIP Club for more than 1 year. After a few months, I got pretty busy and quit doing the assignments and listening to the bonuses, etc. Naturally, my business slowed way down. I am now in the process of starting over with the first lesson so I can rebuild. This time I won’t let myself get too busy! The information is still as relevant and timely now as it was 1 year ago.
  2. Integrity and honesty:  Kathleen teaches that you should give lots of value in return for someone’s trust and money. She lives by the principle, “The high road is always the right road.” She is ethical, follows through on what she says she will do, and teaches that these core values are essential to a great business AND great life. She truly walks the walk.
  3. Gives credit to others: Kathleen gives credit to the people she follows, gets mentored by, and who inspire her. She is open about who these people are, why she hired them, and the results that she achieved because she actually did the work! She recognizes her talents and gifts and openly acknowledges the gifts of others. She doesn’t try to be all things to all people.
  4. Spontaneous: I attended an event where Kathleen was speaking in Raleigh NC last year. The only reason I chose to go was so that I could meet Kathleen! During a sessions, one of the speakers had someone from the audience come up and do a live testimonial about the results they’d achieved using that speaker’s program. During the short break before Kathleen was going to speak, she asked if I would give a brief testimonial about the results I’d experienced by implementing some of Kathleen’s teachings…  I was honored to do so! She showed me, by example, how to modify your talk to create better results and value for the audience with a simple change in plans. Because she was so comfortable with this slight modification, she made me feel more comfortable, too.
  5. Keeps adding new products to serve her customers! I think I’ve taken almost every course Kathleen has offered. Why? Because each one is different, simple to implement, and gets results. The only time it doesn’t work is when I’m not working it!

I hope this list will help you sift through the “wannabe’s” out there and help you find the mentor who will help you achieve your goals much sooner. If you don’t have a mentor and are looking for one who will help you grow your business for years to come, I highly recommend Kathleen Gage!


What is your experience with your mentors? How do you choose those who will mentor you? Comments and retweets welcome.