From carrying around an extra unhealthy 70 pounds, to dealing with high blood pressure, heart issues and IBS at the age of 26 to now being incredibly healthy, energetic, and vibrant, Michael Joseph attributes the change to one simple change… everything.

Being told his health issues were hereditary, Michael refused to believe the story he had been told most of his life.

Now trim and fit, Michael runs several businesses and enjoys great health.

Michael Joseph is the Founder of Podcaster and Both focus on best practices for business owners to grow their business by focusing on what matters most.

Michael and his team achieve this by taking a high-level view on the market and uncovering “blue ocean” strategies and tactics for growth.

Beyond business, Michael has been a Vegan for 2 years after getting the runaround from doctors and nutritionists about stomach issues.

Now Michael is on a mission to inform people about how it’s changed his life for the better so it can hopefully help others.

Where it Began

Michael came from a small town in Florida called Plant City. Many of his friends were farmers and very into eating meat. Naturally, he was raised on meat and dairy. It was considered strange if you didn’t consume meat at every meal. The thought of being vegan never entered his universe.

“I had never even considered being vegan as an option. Why would I?”

Overweight, and feeling much older than a man in his early 20’s, dealing with multiple health issued, it seemed no one had an answer for him other than dieting.

After trying numerous diets, many of which were unhealthy, he noticed that the time he felt the best was when he ate more fruits and vegetables. His energy increased, he was more focused, and without dieting (he had given up on diets) weight began to fall off.

This went against everything he had been taught about eating meat and dairy. Consuming meat and dairy were normal. Yet, he knew he was on to something when he really paid attention to how he felt. There was a direct correlation between what he ate and how he felt, both good and bad.

Ever the researcher, he was anxious to learn more about why fruits and vegetables impacted him the way they did.

The more he learned, the more he recognized the fact he could never go back to how he had been eating. Having tipped the scales at nearly 230 pounds to now being a healthy 160, returning to his old eating patterns just didn’t make sense.

A Hidden Benefit … Business

Without planning for his food choices to impact his business, focus and clarity of mind became stronger by the day. Both had a marked improvement on his business performance.

In addition, he had more energy and didn’t feel the dips throughout the day his old eating gave.

What he came to realize is that he had pushed his health to the back burner when, in fact, making health a priority is how his business would thrive.

Giving up meat and dairy helped him to reduce the shiny object syndrome. With increased focus he was able to stay the course with projects like never before. Not only has this benefited his company, but also, the growth of his clients’ companies.

3 Pillars of Building a Business

The area Michael loves working with his clients on is identify the three pillars of building a business. While many people are focused solely on strategy, Michael encourages entrepreneurs to start with the concept of their business. From there, focus on strategies and tactics.

Start with clearly identifying who your ideal client is. Although this is something we hear over and over, many entrepreneurs never dig deep into a client profile.

“Who are they, where do they spend time, where do their customers and clients spend time, what motivates them and what’s their biggest issue?” are just a few of the questions you must answer to know more about your ideal clients.

Once you identify your market, you need to identify the opportunities.  From there, you create a strategy of how you will reach them, and what products and services you are able to offer them.

Key to your success is knowing your numbers. If you don’t analyze numbers, you may be putting time and money into strategies and tactics that are not giving you the best ROI.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

It’s also important to know your KPI’s. Simply put, do you want more leads, more sales, more visibility, more visits to your website?

Whatever it is, you must determine what the indicators are, and you need to know when you achieve this.

As far as vegan businesses, this is a growing, and ever evolving market. Yet, it’s important to know, running a vegan business is the same as running any type of business. You have to run it like a business. Plain and simple.

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