joyce meyer“The perks without the works is the thinking of jerks,” Dave Meyer – as quoted by Joyce Meyer.
So true, so true. To have the perks (success) are you doing the work? It takes more than wanting the outcome.  We must be willing to do the footwork to obtain the outcome.
What are the “works” you are doing today to achieve the outcome you desire?
Are you willing to do the nitty gritty, behind the scenes work that no one will see you do, recognize you for and in reality could care less that you are doing?
Are you doing what you are doing because you are called to do it or are you doing what you are doing to gain reward and gain recognition?
Are you serving to serve or win favor?
Are you avoiding the temptation of the bright shiny objects that show up each and every day in order to get to the end result of what needs to be done? Are you staying focused on tasks that need to be completed before jumping into something else simply because you are bored?
The temptation to drop important tasks out of frustration and/or boredom that need to be done is ever present.
For today, do all that needs to be done to complete your current projects without getting sidetracked with something that seems more exciting and fun. The “more exciting and fun” things will always be there. Problem is, the “more exciting and fun” things often get us nowhere but frustrated and further behind.
Here is a formula to do more:
1. Decide what it is you really want to accomplish.
2. Write a to-do list based on the outcome you wish to achieve.
3. Commit to completing the tasks on your to-do list before allowing yourself to get pulled in another direction.
4. When the temptation to chase after the next bright shiny object appears get completely honest about whether or not this is what needs to be done or if this is a distraction that showed up to ease your restlessness and boredom.
5. Realize there will be times the tasks that need to be completed to get to the end result will not be fun and/or exciting, but they do need to get done.
6. Get help when needed. Don’t try to wear all the hats.
7. Know that there is no such thing as instant success. There is no such thing as microwavable success.
Focus and commitment are absolutely necessary to achieve massive results. The little steps and tasks, when done consistently, gain us the greatest favor.