“Money comes to your when you find a solution for your client’s problems. The bigger the problem, the more money you will attract. It’s as simple as that,” Stephen Pierce.
Think about the last product or service you purchased because you had a problem. It is likely you were willing to pay more if you believed that the purchase would solve your problem in a timely fashion.
A great example for me is with our dog Aries. We have lots of pets and love each and every one of them. Our four legged companions bring great joy to us.
Each has a quirk I can live with and their quirks actually make them rather charming to me. That is,  except for my Boxer.

If you know anything about Boxers you know they tend to have terrible flatulence. This is not at all uncommon in Boxers. However, it has gotten to the point that I simply wanted (and needed) a solution. Not only did I need some relief from the situation, I have no doubt Aries did too.
Our vet suggested purchasing special enzymes known to improve the condition. He informed us that most health food stores would carry the enzymes.
Today I took a drive to my favorite health food store. I asked a clerk where the enzymes were. He walked me to the aisle that contained the solution. At that point in time I was not concerned with price. I only want the problem to minimize drastically.
I turned the bottle over and realized it was rather pricey. But you know what? I didn’t care. All I cared about was a solution.
The interesting thing is, if Aries didn’t have such a bad problem (which equates to my problem) I likely would not have paid what I did. But…..because there was an immediate need to what has been a growing problem, the price was a minor consideration. The solution a major consideration.
Because I found a solution from a very helpful clerk it is likely I will do even more shopping at this particular store.
The point of me sharing this is not to necessarily talk about Boxer dogs, it is to give you a great example that when the problem is big enough people are willing to pay for the solution.
What is the solution you offer your clients? Not what you think the solution is, but the actual solution. The greater the solution, the more money they are willing to give you.
So rather than think in terms of how much money you are going to charge, think in terms of how big of a solution are you? When you are absolutely clear on this money will come to you in greater amounts.