If I could sum up making money online in 3 steps here are what they would be:
1.Know your market
2.Build a responsive opt in list
3.Create information products
Step One will be covered in this article.
This is a biggie. Anyone who is making money online has done this. And… they periodically evaluate where they are at. What is it?
You have to know who your market is and is not. You have to know who you want to do business with and who wants to do business with you.
And you must continually evaluate who your market is and is not.
You also have to know what motivates your market to take action. In most cases it boils down to four primary areas. They want to increase revenues, increase productivity, decrease costs or increase the quality of their personal or professional life.
The more you can pinpoint specifically what they want the easier your job in development and delivery of products and services becomes.
Without a clear understanding of your market and what you have to offer you may make some of the common mistakes inherent to running a business.
You may spend time targeting the wrong market for your overall objectives. You may come across as only interested in the sale rather than someone who is interested in the customer’s needs. You may not be prepared when opportunity presents itself.
You might appear desperate by not being willing to let go of a potential or existing client when the fit is incompatible.
You may try to sell something too soon before establishing if your product or service offers the best solution for someone. You may prejudge a person’s ability and potential to buy. Or you may compromise your core values because you have moved into a place of forcing rather than attracting business through the law of attraction.
When you are in alignment with your market, your values, your offerings and your message the process of growing your business becomes a flowing experience. This is not to say there is no effort involved. Quite the opposite. Yet, the effort becomes such that things begin to flow.
Opportunities seem to appear out of nowhere. You seem to be very lucky. The fact is, luck is when opportunity and preparedness meet. When you are prepared and opportunity shows up you will begin to feel as if luck is on your side.
Here’s a very simple way you can begin to identify your market. If you don’t have any customers yet, you can “profile” your ideal client. In a perfect world how would you describe the client?
If you do have clients the process is very, very simple. Identify your favorite client and “profile” them. From there, you have an idea of who you most enjoy doing business with and can begin the process of attracting more of this type of person.
What do you think you need to do to make money online? Comments welcome.
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