From the streets to the stage, Monk Coleman beat the odds of life many times over. Making decisions that ended him up in a dead-life of drugs, alcohol, gangs and confusion, Monk’s an upbringing in a highly religious family, couldn’t save him from his self-destructive path.

He loved the streets. So much in fact, he denounced much of what he was taught in the walls of the Baptist Church.

After living in a dark place for years, Monk turned his life around to become a professional, natural bodybuilder, a vegan life-stylist, a loyal husband and father and the author of the transformational book, Love over Fear – A Guide to Peace and Purpose.




How It Started


Raised in a restrictive church, Monk quickly made his way to the streets and all that came with it, eventually becoming a full-blown alcoholic.

With his health failing from his lifestyle choices, he turned to meditation which slowly started to change his life and his life’s purpose.

Now, with more than twelve years sober he’s come into his own as an author, public speaker, transformational coach, and a pro bodybuilder on a mission to create positive change on the planet.

Reaching a fork in the road of prison over freedom, Monk realized it was time to let go of limiting belief systems in order to connect to a higher state of being.




You reach a point in life where you have to look at the programs you created as children. Depending on where you grew up and the conditioning you had, you are viewing life through a specific lens.

These lenses can have many inconsistencies. As children we are given life programs. There are different ways you look at life… such as what your limits are and are not. When you experience these programs long enough, you get to a point where you accept your limitation.

Most people live with their limitations, not realizing they have the power to change.

There comes a point where you run out of options. You have religious programming, cultural program and family programming. Fearful of the conflicts and getting life wrong, you opt for what feels best.

You go to church and you are taught how to live and then you go home and you see how not to live.

It was through a lot of conflicting information that Monk made the decision to do what felt good to him.


The Path Gets Dark


This led him down a path of drugs and alcohol, gangs and the street life.

“I figured, if I’m going to hell, I’m going on my terms!”

He went from a straight and narrow life to an “anything goes” life. More every day, he self-medicated with drugs and alcohol.

Going further down than he ever thought possible, his life changed through divine intervention. One that simply made sense.

After living a fast-paced life, he hit a wall and realized he had to live his life differently. His greatest shift was when he discovered the power of prayer and meditation.

Vegan for over eight years, his journey to becoming vegan was similar to other changes he made; the time had arrived. When he was done with animal and dairy, he was done.

He made the clear connection between meat consumption and energetic violence.

Within a short period of time after he became vegan, life began to dramatically change. His focus shifted for what was in it for him to how he could more fully serve others. He embarked on a deeply spiritual journey and has not looked back.


Monk Today


Monk is a graduate of the University of Holistic Theology. He is a Transformational Coach, Public Speaker, Personal Trainer and a three time Pro Natural Physique Bodybuilder. 

He based his coaching program on his own experience with dealing and healing from alcoholism, poverty, depression and dysfunctional relationships.

Connect with Monk

Monk is the author of Love Over Fear. Available on AMAZON.