For the last few days I have been sharing time with
family at my sister’s homes in Discovery Bay, California.


This morning, over coffee, my niece asked what it
takes for an author to actually sell books and make good money (even great


Hands down…. marketing is top of the list. This is an
area many authors know very little about.


Often, they attempt antiquated methods to sell their
books. When they get dismal results, they either claim marketing doesn’t work
or hope somehow their books will sell themselves. Wishful thinking rarely, if
ever, sells books. Proven marketing systems do.


The challenge for many authors is they don’t know
cost effective, high return methods to market themselves and their books thus
resulting in high sales.


Over the years I have taught hundreds of authors
exactly what to do to gain lots of visibility for their book buyers. Many who
have applied my information exactly as it is designed to be used have become bestsellers.


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