I’ve been involved in the world of Internet Marketing for several years. I make an outstanding living doing so. And yet, I have a big gripe. Well, maybe not a gripe as much as a slight annoyance.
I can’t count the number of times I have had someone say, “You’re so lucky that it is so easy for you.” Hmmm.
The reality is I have been trained by some of the best in my industry who have taught me incredible information.
Not only do I have people tell me how lucky I am, many of my colleagues do to.

Smart vs Luck
I dare say it is more about being smart than luck. Anyone who is doing well using the Internet to make money has likely put effort into their knowledge base. It’s likely they have read lots of eBooks, participated in teleseminars and webinars, had (and have) mentors, and attended live events.
With the right foundation, success in more likely. Sadly, many people fall into some common traps of Internet Marketing and find out after they experience much frustration that the traps are just that….Traps.
The reality is, in order to succeed at anything it takes effort. And with the right effort and information all of a sudden it looks like luck.
Case in Point
Take for example an event I am hosting with my colleagues, Patsi Krakoff and Denise Wakeman aka The Blog Squad. It is a free teleseminar entitled, Discover the 5 Traps Of Internet Marketing That Can Derail Your Business.
We decided to offer the teleseminar in response to all the misconceptions we know people are being sucked into.
What’s amazing is within only a few hours of promotions we have nearly 400 people registered. Our goal is 1,000. I’m confident we will achieve these numbers.
Believe it or not, there are people saying how lucky we are. Hmmmmm.
It Takes Knowledge
It’s more about the fact we know how to market, when to market and whom to market to in order to achieve the outcomes we do.
Denise Wakeman did a great post on Biz Tip Blog where she shares one of the strategies she is using to promote our teleseminar. Actually, all three of us are using this strategy. And dare I say, very effectively.
To read the entire post from Denise go to http://www.biztipsblog.com/2008/06/online-promot-2.html
On June 24, 2008 we will share other great information on how to avoid the 5 traps of Internet Marketing that Can Derail Your Business. We will also give you proven steps on how to set yourself up for success. Register today at ….
http://www.actandattract.com/5traps/  while we still have room.
The next time you hear someone say how lucky someone is ask yourself this, “Is it really luck or do they have the tools of success?”