Recently I sent out an announcement about my Kindle Bestseller Program.
I’m used to sending out a message about a product and within minutes making sales – and lots of them.
Well, this didn’t happen. Actually nothing happened.
“On no! Did I lose my mojo?” I thought. How could I have gone from having highly successful launches time after time to absolutely nothing.
It didn’t take but one message from an eager potential buyer to know why my MoJo was gone… something happened to the link to purchase the program.
Even though we tested the link before the message went out something went wrong.
Whoa! Finding this out was a huge relief. Within a very short period of time of fixing the problem withe the link I was again selling the program.
Yes! My MoJo is back.
Why do I share this with you? There are two primary reasons. One, there will be times no matter how careful you are about what you are doing mistakes happen. Although we tested the link before sending it out something happened that was outside of our control.
Two, it’s important for you to know how to market and sell. A big part of the program I am offering deals with how to market and sell your Kindle books as well as other products and services.
In other words, how to find your MoJo online.
Want to get your MoJo going? Check out my Kindle Bestseller Program at