In the years I’ve been in business I’ve seen lots of ups and downs in the economy, recreated myself more than once, gone from traditional methods of marketing to using strategies that years ago were not on most people’s radar, built a client base of men and women around the globe.
A big shift came when I discovered how incredible the Internet is to build a business. I was hooked from the start.
So much in fact, in the late 90’s I dreamed of the day I could live anywhere I wanted and work exclusively from my home.
I had grown weary of traveling around the country speaking, training and consulting. When I was in town I was spending an incredible amount of time attending networking meetings.
In 2006 the dream became manifest. My partner and I relocated from Draper, Utah to a small farming community outside of Eugene, Oregon.
At that time my revenue split was about 40% Internet, 60% consulting and speaking, much of it in my local market.
The Best Laid Plans Don’t Always Work
My plan with the relocation was to replicate much of my business model when I got settled in. I would do a portion of my business online and the rest in my local market. Little did I know this was not to be.
Try as I might, I was hitting roadblock after roadblock when it came to securing local business. With a higher mortgage to pay, several critters who depended on me to feed them and an old farmhouse and a five acre parcel of land that were in dire need of TLC I panicked.
“What was I thinking? How could I have been so stupid? Go out and get a job!” were the questions and thoughts sweeping through my mind.
Roadblocks are Temporary
Fortunately, I knew from previous experiences that the roadblocks were temporary. That is, if I was willing to try something different.
It was at that time I made one of the most crucial choices of my career; I decided to focus all my attention on building my business online.
It didn’t take long to see that the initial roadblocks were incredible blessings. Had they not occurred, I wouldn’t have been forced to try something different in the way I ran my business.
I immersed myself into finding outstanding mentors, studying whatever I could get my hands on to increase my knowledge base, forging partnerships with other entrepreneurs, and committed to doing whatever I needed to do in order to build my business.
100% Revenues from the Internet
By 2008 my revenues were generated almost exclusively from online avenues; products, teleseminars, webinars, and group and individual coaching, all from the comfort of my home. My business was consistently generating great revenues.   I stopped going to networking meetings in my local market and traveling to conferences.
Ecstatic that I didn’t have to travel if I didn’t want to, nor attend networking meetings and conferences, I pretty much swore off anything that required I leave home.
Although this worked very nicely for a time I came to realize that one can begin living in a vacuum if we don’t get out and have interactions with our peers, clients and mentors.
I also realized whenever I did attend a conference, either as a speaker or attendee (or both), my creativity, productivity and excitement for my industry, my clients and my business went through the roof.
I also found face-to-face interactions to be the most powerful way to  forge partnerships with colleagues. Partnerships that allow for expanding my knowledge base, providing great service to my clients and customers AND a definite increase in revenues.
One of my favorite conferences is NAMS (Niche Affiliate Marketing Systems).
As I prepare to go Atlanta, Georgia for NAMS8 taking place on August 3 – 5, I grow more excited by the day. Not only am I one of the presenters, I will be attending sessions and meeting with several clients, colleagues and friends while there.
NAMS is a one of a kind experience. My friend and colleague, David Perdew, has created one of the best environments for learning, networking and forging great partnerships.
Check out the spotlight David put me in to learn more about what I am presenting on.
If you’ve been thinking of attending NAMS, what’s stopping you? I can assure you, this will be a great experience. Plus, the investment is minimal.
While there make sure to introduce yourself. I’d love to meet you.
Learn more and register by clicking here.