tempeI’ve been on the road off and on for a couple of weeks. First, Tempe, Arizona for a professional women’s summit facilitated by Sandra Yancey to Duluth, Georgia to meet with my business mentor, Matt Bacak, and my Profit Coalition mastermind buddies.
I’m now headed to Myrtle Beach where I will meet up with other lead coaches and Suzanne Evans for the 10k Intensive. There are nearly 200 members of the 10k group. Anxious to see all those in attendance.
The entire time I’ve been on the road, I stayed committed to my running regime. The best part of all is that my distances each morning have been outstanding with a few five miler days.
What I love about running, regardless of where my travels take me, is this; it’s a sport I can do with very little prep or equipment. Other than my running shoes and outfit, I don’t need much else besides the desire to get out and run.
From start to finish of my run, I’m very aware of my environment, clothing and side of the road I run on. Yet, there were times that no matter how bright my shirt or shoes, it was as if I was invisible. There was more than a few close calls with drivers who just didn’t see me.
lightThat all changed with one simple device; a LED headlamp. I now wear it on every run without fail. Set on flashing mode, I’m like a neon sign that indicates to drivers to proceed with caution.
I’m thrilled when drivers slow down, give me plenty of space and often give me a thumbs up.
The thing I love most about running, besides the obvious health benefits, is the time I can spend simply being in the moment thinking about my blessings.
I usually start off with how blessed I am to have the life I do. This often moves me into running a mental list of all I have to be grateful for like my family, animals, home, where I live, my business and the clients I work with.
More times than not I will process ideas for a project I am working on. I get fresh ideas and insights from all the oxygen my brain is getting.
Before I know it, I have a few miles under my belt.
What I know to be true is this; my health is something that takes more than thinking about it in order for me to be as healthy as I possibly can be.
It’s the same with my business. In order to accomplish all I say I want, give my clients the best I can and stay on the leading edge, I have to put 100% into what I’m doing. This includes attending conferences, having top notch mentors, participating in mastermind groups with entrepreneurs who encourage me to grow, and speaking at conferences.
So often, entrepreneurs get stuck in ruts. They do the same old, same old even though they know they would benefit from getting out from behind their computer to meet face to face with others by joining in on mastermind retreats and attending conferences.
If you were to ask most successful entrepreneurs if they attend conferences the answer would be a resounding YES!
event-namsIn a few weeks I’m headed back to Atlanta for one of my favorite conferences, NAMS. Not only will I be able to learn from some amazing colleagues, I also have the distinct privilege of being one of the keynote speakers.
A unique benefit to those who attend NAMS is this; you can schedule one on one time with many of the instructors, myself included.
We spend quality time laser focusing on your goals. It’s amazing what can be accomplished during these sessions.
If you’ve been thinking of attending a conference and you live in, near or can drive or fly into Atlanta, why not get your spot reserved for NAMS14. The lineup of instructors and speakers is beyond compare.
Join me at NAMS14. It’s a game changing event …. Click here for full details.