I love business and I love what I do. What I don’t love, and truthfully, don’t even like, are the people who really don’t get what running a successful business is all about.

Sure, they may think they do, but when they are asked to do something that is inconvenient, they throw up their arms and say, “This isn’t fair. It shouldn’t be this hard.”
The fact is, business is hard. And sometimes downright difficult.
We applaud those who are succeeding, often saying how lucky they are. Others go on to say, “I would do anything to have what you have.”
I’m not sure when I first heard a very successful person say, “No you wouldn’t, because if what you say is true, you would be doing it.”
There are so many people who are not willing to put in the time, money or effort to create a successful business, but continue to flounder around with a sense of entitlement that often gets them nowhere but broke.
Recently, I hosted a colleague of mine on a complimentary webinar where she shared a ton of great information on automated sales funnels.
My featured expert, who happens to make over a million and a half dollars a year in her business, went above and beyond giving idea after idea, sharing formulas and showing exactly what needed to be done to have a profitable funnel.
People loved it. That is until a few of them found out the replay would only be available for a short period of time.

  • “How rude.”
  • “That’s unprofessional.”
  • “What poor customer care.”

These came from a handful of people, some who were on the call and wanted to watch the replay at their convenience and those who didn’t show up and “assumed” the replay would be available for a longer period of time.
Granted, the majority were very appreciative of what they did receive, but the few who complained left me scratching my head saying, “Really?!?!
Actually, I was flabbergasted. Rather than saying, “Thanks for your incredible information. I will do what it takes to watch the replay before it comes down,” there were those who preferred to blame my featured expert for the fact they couldn’t get the information.
This is not an isolated incident. Not long ago I had an open Q&A call on a Saturday. When I announced the open call I made it clear it would not be recorded and the only way to get questions answer was to be on the call. I assured everyone  I would be available for a couple hours to answer as many questions as possible.
The majority of people were very appreciative, but like Susan, I got slammed by those who felt I was not being reasonable by providing a replay.
One woman went as far as to bitch me out for having the audacity to offer this on “her” Saturday!
Really?!?! It was my Saturday too.
Here’s a reality check. You have to show up to your success. If something doesn’t fit in your schedule, so be it. You either adjust your schedule or you don’t. It’s really that simple.
Mind you. I’m definitely a believer in customer care. I’m also a believer in being honest about the fact that building a successful business does require sacrifices.
In years past when someone offered a free training the majority of people who registered showed up. Now, well now, there are so many people who just assume that they can show up when they want.
If you want success you best be willing to show up at a higher level.
For those who are showing up and reaping the benefits, congratulations! For those who blame everything and everyone but themselves, it’s time to put your big girl/boy pants on and buck up. Game on.
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BTW – Who knows if there will be a replay. <grin>