Most people have heard, “The gold is in
the list.” This is very true. The gold – your revenues –
IS in the power of
your list. It goes beyond the size of your list; it has to do with how
responsive your subscribers are.  

Can someone run an online business and
make money without a list? It has been done, but not often AND … the results
are minimal and much more of a struggle to achieve if one does not have their
own, responsive opt-in subscriber list.

Why create more work for yourself than necessary? Begin now to do what you can to build your

In any online marketing
and sales campaign, opt-in lists, yours and your JV & affiliate partners,
are essential to a successful campaign whether it be to sell an eBook, eReport,
teleseminar, webinar, mentoring program or membership program. 

With a responsive list you
will sell more AND have more opportunity after a campaign is over. When done right, you will have ample
opportunity to market to those on your list.

A quality opt-in
list also represents the ultimate form of free, highly targeted web-site
traffic. The key to success with an opt-in list is to continually create value
for your subscribers.

You must also
keep in touch on a regular basis, but not to the point of overwhelm.

You will never please everyone on your list. While some people will be very
happy with your frequency, others on your list won’t; they will think you send
too much or too little. You will likely never please 100% of your subscribers.

The secret to
success is to continually create value for your subscribers. What this simply
means is you have to do more than constantly sell. You must also provide
ongoing quality information.


Do not send emails to anyone who has not requested it. If you send them
commercial email messages without their permission, you are spamming them – and
that is against the law now. Click here for more

However, if you have their
permission, you are not spamming them. Always give people the option to get off
your list. This is referred to as opt-out. Most commercial autoresponders offer
this feature.

It is your responsibility
and obligation to honor any removal requests you receive. Although most
autoresponder programs have this as a standard feature, some subscribers don’t
realize they are in control of opting out.

When you get an opt-out
request via your email, simply do it. There is no need to engage in back and
forth dialogue other than to confirm you have honored the request.

You will have occasion
where some people will forget they requested to be on your list. It is not unheard
of for a subscriber to send you nasty messages if they want off your list. It’s
not common, but it can happen. They likely don’t realize all they have to do is
click a link at the bottom of your email messages and they are off the list.

In some cases, they may
know this, but for whatever reason choose to send you a message anyway. Again, DO
NOT take this personally. DO NOT engage in banter back and forth. Simply take
them off your list and be done with it.

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