Just this morning, there was a feature story on Good Morning America about the link between obesity and COVID risks.

I’m shocked, although I suppose I shouldn’t be considering how the media is designed to keep us in the dark, that it’s taken so long for this link to be publicly announced. Some of us have been talking about this (and writing and podcasting) quite some time ago. http://plantbasedeatingforhealth.com/obesity-covid-19/  (This post was written on March 30th)


Minimizing Risks


Unfortunately, many people are not willing to dig beyond the surface of what is happening to see if there is anything they can do to minimize their risk for complications from COVID-19.

Beyond washing their hands, social distancing, stay at home, isolating, using sanitizers, and wearing masks, many people don’t realize there is more, much more, they can do.


Food Consumption


Hands down, food consumption has a lot to do with risk factors. With a link between obesity and COVID-19 complications, what’s at the end of our forks is worth looking at.

If you’re eating lots of animal and dairy products, processed sugar, unhealthy carbs and junk food, you are increasing your complication risks.

Sadly, we have come to view many preventable and reversible diseases as normal. Yet, in the not too distant past, heart disease, Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, some cancers and strokes, were much rarer than they are today.

In the past people would say, “If I get….” Today, many people say “when” rather than “if” with many of these diseases.

Many of these chronic diseases are preventable. They are directly linked to poor diet and lifestyle choices including tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumption, and inadequate physical activity. Full article. https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/disease-prevention/

Bottom-line, there is a solution for many of the diseases we have come to view as “normal.” The very diseases that put people at an incredibly higher risk for complications with COVID such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Again, a huge contributor to heart disease, diabetes and obesity is our food chain… specifically animal and dairy products. Additionally, processed sugar and junk food.

One of the best books I’ve read on the topic of junk food is another excellent resource from Dr. Fuhrman. Fast Food Genocide available on Amazon. https://amzn.to/3cFlqfK


Factory Farms


Recently, due to the virus spreading, many factory farms have begun shutting down indefinitely. With meat supplies drying up, many people are in a panic, wondering what they are going to eat.

Yet, this could very well be the start of a long-term solution to our health problems.

A great people have no idea that if they were to switch from animal-based products to a plant-based diet, they would actually improve their health and minimize their risk for complications with COVID-19.

With factory farms being shut down, this is a great opportunity to look at the food chain and how to dramatically improve the health of people everywhere.

Yet, the chances of this happening are minimal at best. Why? These industries are funneling massive amounts of money into advertising and contributing to politicians to convince the public they cannot do without animal and dairy products.


Can we prevent getting COVID? Not necessarily. Can we minimize our risk of complications? ABSOLUTELY. To believe otherwise is to give our power away.

Check out my interview with Brian Rodgers where I ask the question, “Where do you think you would be with COVID if you didn’t drop 140 pounds?”

His response, “Dead?” http://plantbasedeatingforhealth.com/011-bbq-pit-master-ch…/


The Media Keeps Us in a State of Fear


Truth be told, the constant blasting by the media presenting information about the causes of COVID-19 is very misleading. Rather than get to the core of what causes complications with COVID-19, most of what is being spread around is the same information over and over. All designed to keep us confused, fearful and in a panic.


The solution to much of this is simple and very doable.


  1. Turn off the news. If you’re constantly being bombarded with the numbers of cases over and over, that’s where your focus will be. Rather than living in the solution, all you’ll see is how bad it is.
  2. Do your research. Recently, I interviewed Dr. Pam Popper who explains the need for people to go beyond the surface of what we are being exposed to. http://plantbasedeatingforhealth.com/covid-19-hoax-vaccines/
  3. Eat healthy. This is likely one of the most important things you can do. Get rid of animal and dairy products and eat more plant-based foods. This one change will improve your health in ways that will amaze you.
  4. Get daily exercise. Whether it be exercise you do on your living room floor or a walk or run outside, there is a lot you can do to keep your body moving.
  5. Watch the conversations you engage in. If most of your conversations are about how bad things are, it will be difficult to stay in a productive state of mind.

Bottom-line, know that you have more control than you are being led to believe. Surround yourself with information that gives you the opportunity to make better choices. Join groups that focus on healthy living in mind, body and soul.

One such group is my Facebook Group, Plant Based Eating for Health. Join now. https://www.facebook.com/groups/PlantBasedEatingforHealth/