Olivier Mankondo has a passion for plant-based eating that’s incredibly contagious. As a keynote speaker, he loves sharing his experience since becoming void of animal products in his diet. 

Before adopting a plant-based nutrition and the newfound knowledge, Olivier Mankondo weighed 220 pounds. Not realizing a byproduct of eating plant-based was weight loss, he was pleasantly shocked when he released 11 pounds the first week. Now 143 pounds, Olivier loves sharing his story.

Being overweight was not what motivated him to go plant-based. It was after hearing an Indian Yogi, Sadhguru, who encourages people to eat consciously. “Animal products are not designed for the human body,” was what impacted Olivier most with the teachings of Sadguru.

This made sense to Olivier. Within a day of hearing Sadguru, he gave up animal in his diet.

Not only did he lose 11 pounds in the first week, he quickly noticed he was feeling better than he had in quite a while. Having dealt with high blood pressure, daily headaches, chest pain, back pain, abscesses, joint pain, and cold sores for as long as he could remember, there was a marked difference with all of this after he changed his eating protocol.

Four months into eating plant based, he had a physical. His doctor was amazed at how great he was doing, encouraging him to keep at the plant-based eating. 




Olivier’s wife saw the positive health changes occurring for him. Two weeks after he began, she decided to also give up meat and dairy. Tipping the scales at 240 pounds, she was ready to make a change and saw with her own eyes what was happening to her husband.

Within a month, they began feeding their children a more plant-based protocol. Since starting, his wife has released 99 pounds. 




Olivier went from eating whenever the urge hit to a two time a day meal plan. He does intermittent fasting by eating his first meal at noon and his second meal at 7 p.m. This is primarily to conserve energy. “When we eat, we use 80% of our energy digesting food,” Olivier states.

This is how he continually cleanses his digestive system.

He eats 14 meals a week and out of the 14, 11 are raw. People tend to have behaviors that can work against their health and by consuming most of his meals raw, he is preventing this in his own diet. 




His book, Plant-Based Nutrition: How It’s Going to Change Your Life, chronicles Olivier’s journey into health. Amazon UK reviews are all 5 Stars with comments like, “I have been eating a vegan diet, but this book opened my eyes to processed food and how bad it is for us. I now eat a whole food plant-based diet as described by the author and have lost nearly 3 stone without going hungry. Great book full of valuable information.”





Our discussion on the vaccine was an interesting one. Not one to call himself an anti-vaccer, he has chosen not to get the vaccine.

Olivier has not had any medication since going plant based. We both agreed that many people will jump through hoops to get the vaccine but not do anything to change their diet, which causes many of the underlying problems for those who do contract COVID.

There is no disputing the fact that comorbidity impacts the results of one’s health if diagnosed with COVID. Yet, people resist a change to their diet. 




Shortly after going plant-based, Olivier noticed a marked improvement in his energy level.

In the past, on his day off, he would sleep until early afternoon, and then spend the rest of his day laying around.

Now he wakes up early, stretches, does the rebounder, and has a day filled with activity. Twice a week he walks for an hour. Activities that are now a part of his everyday life were impossible to do before going plant based.
He and his wife spend more quality time together. They used to each do their own thing but now enjoy lots of time together.

“This way of life has really cemented our relationship,” Olivier smiles. 




Without a doubt, Olivier sees this way of eating as very spiritual. By eating a diet void of any meat and dairy we can be more peaceful. We can easily let go of anger, frustration, and fear. It is easier to forgive.

Before getting out of bed, Olivier meditates for 5 – 10 minutes, he stretches, rebounds, meditates, and gives thanks. 




To get started, he recommends to make the decision to change what you are doing. And to realize, you don’t have to be “all or nothing.” You can go in degrees. Be careful of processed vegan food. Move as close to whole foods as possible.

As you eliminate meat and dairy, incorporate more fruit and vegetables. Additionally, add exercise and hydration to your protocol.

If you are hitting a wall, look at the benefits to making these changes. When you focus on benefits, the process becomes much easier.

Ultimately, Olivier would like people to see the connection to what they consume and their spiritual well-being. When we consume animals, we connect with their emotions before they were killed including fear, anxiety, sadness, and pain. Even so-called “humanely killed” animals have levels of fear, anxiety, sadness and pain. When you consume them, you consume their emotions.

“We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Not the other way around. What we eat enhances our spiritual growth.”



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