With the Olympics only days from starting the  conversations at dinner tables, over coffee, near the water cooler and all over social media is who will get the Gold.
It takes an incredible amount of vision, discipline, focus and commitment to participate in the Olympics, let alone take the Gold.
One person who knows what it takes to get to the Olympics is my friend, Daphne Bousquet.
What’s most impressive about Daphne is that she participated not once, but three times in the Olympics as springboard diver. Daphne definitely  knows a thing or two about what it takes to be a champion.
When you ask her what it really takes Daphne doesn’t hesitate for a moment to share insights from her own experience and that of athletes she personally knows from her time in the Olympics.
What I really love about Daphne is how she translates her time as a super athlete to her skill as an entrepreneur. Best of all you benefit from this.
With more than 20 years in event planning marketing, Daphne gathered together her dream team of Marketing Champions to share our Gold Medal Secrets starting July 27th.
If you are keeping up with the big event in London, you will know that that coincides with the Opening Ceremonies.  No accident, I’m sure.
Over the course of the 2 weeks, you will get some great secrets from experts like Lou Bortone, Shannon Cherry, Marnie Pehrson, yours truly and more that will help you in your marketing, including tips about video, speaking, online marketing, networking, workshops and seminars and so much more.
I’m thrilled beyond words to be a part of this extraordinary team and event.
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Plus, Daphne has promised to share some of her insights and stories from the Olympics.  As a 3-time Olympian and more than two decades of experience in event planning marketing.  She sees beyond the competitions to find the Olympic ideas that can help you in your expert business.
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