No matter how you slice it a visible online book launch has incredible benefits. Take the book to bestseller status and the benefits skyrocket.
A few of the obvious ones are:
1. Book sales
2. Credibility as an author
3. Revenues
4. Backend revenue opportunities
When done right not only is this a very strategic marketing process, it’s also one that can create incredible long-term benefits.
Before you jump into a book launch you need to know there are some people who don’t view an online bestseller launch as a viable marketing strategy. Some have gone as far as calling online campaigns a scam. Scam
There are those who seem to think all you need to do is get a bunch of people to offer a bonus gift, send out an email message and sales pour in.
I daresay there’s a lot more to a successful launch than getting your buddies together and blasting out an email.

The fact is there is work involved to find the best JV partners, developing a sales and download page, listing the bonuses on the pages, writing promotional email messages, keeping partners informed on the progress of the campaign, and staying very organized.
Sadly, there have been more people than I can even imagine throwing a launch together and then wondering why they didn’t sell more than a handful of books. This is why some people do view these type of campaigns as shabby at best.
The fact is, a book launch takes time, commitment, energy and money to do right. Add to that the social media marketing aspect that is a must do in any book launch today and the process becomes more complex than ever.
However, when done right the results can be incredible. Not only do you have the immediate benefits of book sales and revenue,  your ability to stand apart from the crowd increases immensely. When you stand out you are in a much greater position to secure more consulting, coaching, speaking and training contracts.
What are your thoughts on marketing a book this way?