I just recieved an email from a woman regarding an event I am promoting. Her message read, “Aren’t you the gal who cancelled an event at the last minute?”
I looked in my database to see what event she had previously signed up for. Yes, in fact, the event had been cancelled – at the last minute.
Like my colleagues, I will do whatever I possibly can to never cancel events. In the 17 plus years I have been holding platform presentations, webinars and teleseminars I have cancelled fewer times than I can count on one hand.
The reason for cancellations: death or serious illness of a family member.
I suppose I am venting a bit but I wonder if some people fail to take into consideration that online marketers will occassionally have “life” happen. There are times where we have no control over what is occuring and have to do what we feel is the most appropriate based on the circumstances.
The question that I pose is this, “Is someone ever justified in canceling an event? If yes, under what circumstances?”
If you have ever had an event cancelled that you planned to attend were you forgiving of the expert or did you simply assume they had bad business etiquette.
Have you ever had to cancel an event? If yes, what were the circumstances?
The fact is, those of us doing business online are human. We do make mistakes, we have life happen and sometimes technology fails to cooperate with us.
We do all we can to assure we don’t have to rock the boat, but it may be unavoidable. And the more activity we have going on the more likely it is something could turn out differently than planned.
So I ask, “Are you as forgiving of others as you would want them to be with you?”
Comments welcome and encouraged.