In the time I have marketed my business by online means things have changed … a LOT! In days past it was pretty simple to get the word out. Email marketing was the primary tool those of us making a living online used. Article marketing was yet another method.
Today email and article marketing are merely two of many promotional methods we use. There are media releases, blogging, guest blogging, forums, social networks, calendar postings and email sig files to name but a few more.
One that has hit big in the last couple of years (more like the last year) is video marketing. Video marketing is by far one of the best tools you can use to market with.
Video allows you to connect more with your market, get your message across in a visual way and increase your search engine optimization. You can definitely increase leads and sell more of your products and services with video. Not only can you sell more product with video, when you know what you are doing you can use video as the product itself.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a speaker, author, coach or consultant, video is a great marketing tool. No question about it. Yet, there are necessary steps you need to take to be most effective.
Depending on what the purpose of the video is the length of the video (time) will vary. For example, a short – give ’em a tip video – can be very, very effective if it is no more than 1 – 3 minutes. In other cases videos are most effective at 20 or 30 minutes. Do you know what’s best for your market?
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