It’s a lot less difficult to gain visibility online than most people realize. Actually, it’s rather simple, but not always easy due to time commitments.
Here are a list of actions you can take, that if done consistently will increase your visibility in as little as 30 days.
1. Seek out guest blogging opportunities – 1 – 3 per week. This one action can get you amazing visibility in front of your target market. Check out Blogger Link Up –

You get updates of blog owners seeking guest bloggers. There are specific details with some blog owners wanting original content and others will let you submit previously posted information.
2. Blog Talk Radio. For those of you who are in my Elite Circle membership program, I just posted a training video on your download page on how to find more radio opps than you could possibly ever do. What this means is there are lots to pick and choose from.
For anyone who is not an Elite member you can join at:
3. Blog on your own blog at least once a week. Be sure to use key words that your market uses.
4. Build your social media presence and value by posting high value content.
5. Build your connections, friends, circles, and followers in each of the primary social networks if, and only if, this is where your market hangs out.
6. Seek out Joint Venture opportunities with experts who have a similar market.  Create a win/win to do a reciprocal mailing to your respective lists with a super free offer.
7. Get involved in groups in various social networks. Don’t just join…participate.
8. Enjoy the process.
9. Take time off to smell the roses – or in my case, horses. I love going to horse shows and working in my garden.  I will literally be smelling the roses as I play in my garden. Are you taking time to balance your life?