The following is yet another question from the recent survey I conducted.
“If I want to increase market awareness what would I do? I am a herbalist and live in South Africa my market doesn’t have access to internet.”
This is not an uncommon question. How do I increase market awareness? First, you must clearly define who your market is.
This is an area many people fail to put adequate effort into. The following questions will help you to gain more clarity on who your market is and is not.
Granted, you may not have answers to each question but this is a great starting point.

  • What is their age group?
  • Gender?
  • What is their family structure (number of children, extended family, etc.)?
  • What is their lifestyle like; active, sedentary, family oriented, spiritual, etc?
  • Where do they live?
  • What do they do for a living?
  • What keeps them awake at night?
  • How do they like to spend their spare time?
  • What motivates them?
  • What do they invest in specific to your offerings?
  • What are they likely to spend money on?
  • What is their annual income?
  • What methods do they prefer for online payment?
  • What type of web sites, forums and social networks do they visit?
  • How do they want their product delivered?

Regarding the concern of your market not having access to the Internet, this may be a very outdated belief. The beauty of the Internet is we have access to a global market. There are definitely people of every walk of life, with virtually every interest who do have access to the Internet.
Regarding reaching your market you can post articles in article directories, join and become active in forums your market “hangs out” in, gain visibility via social networking, utilize online radio, host teleseminars, to name just a few ways to gain visibility.
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