A few weeks ago I told you about the book, The Charge by Brendon Burchard. Since that time I have given the hardcopy of the bookbook and the audio book to friends and family knowing it will definitely impact them in a very profound way.
Whenever I find something I know is going to make a huge difference for my community both personally and professionally, I love sharing it.
Today is no exception. My colleagues and friends, Jeff Herring, Kevin Riley, Maria Gudelis, Terry Dean, Nicole Deat, Joey Smith, Tina Williams, Paul Evans and Suzanne Myers are joining David Perdew for an incredible event, Celebrating Independence.
This 10-part, live webinar training is brought to you by the Niche Affiliate Marketing System. If you don’t know about NAMS, it’s all about education and training! That’s what we do. With more than 50 instructors, we focus on all aspects of building businesses online.
“Celebrating Independence” is a great concept for any time of year, but in the U.S. it’s especially appropriate for the July 4th week, our American independence holiday.
Each day during independence week from Monday to Friday, in the morning and the afternoon, one of 10 amazing online business people who have used the internet to create businesses that help them live lives they never could have put together working for someone else will be interviewed.
Celebrating Independence” focuses on the fundamentals of online business. Without these essential skills you’ll never make it online. With this training, you’ll achieve independence much more quickly. Each day has a focus on a specific fundamental skillset.
Why not create your own personal Independence Day and build the kind of business most people only dream of.
The amazing line-up of experts will show you how. 
Click here to learn more and register.
To get the best price possible use the coupon code: CELEBRATE when you checkout. Be sure to use the code or you won’t get the discount.
Isn’t it time to gain your independence once and for all?