Before you can make $100,000 online it’s likely you need to make your first $100. Yet, so many people try to go from zero to sixty with nothing in between.
The first time I made $50 in a day from my online efforts I was over the moon excited. I figured if I could make $50 I could make $500. If I could make $500 I could make $5,000.
Not only have I proven this to be true, I’ve taught others how to do so.
Making the first $100 is often harder than continuing to make money.  But once you have the formula you can repeat it over and over.
So much in fact, there will come a time it’s feasible to make $100,000 in one fell swoop.
How do I know? Because I’ve done both. In answer to the many requests I’ve had from those new to making money online I wrote How To Make Your First $100 Online.
On the flip side I have lots of people who want to know how to make six figures. The best way to do so is sell from the platform. The platform could be teleseminars, webinars and on the stage with an audience.
Because I know how important it is to know how to sell from the platform I created – How to Sell Thousands from Any Platform program.
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